Similar to opening a set of desktop applications, users are also likely to checkout few of their favorite websites after opening the web browser. The most usual websites that users are likely to open is the search bar or engine like Google or Yahoo, news website, social media platforms, and others depending upon them. However, the point is they are likely to open multiple tabs whenever they start their browser.

How To Setup Multiple Tabs as Homepage

Although, opening multiple tabs individually is not a tedious task, however, it can be easier for the users if all those tabs can be opened automatically upon opening web browser. Usually, there is only a single tab opened –the one which we have set as our browser homepage.

However, there is no restriction that only a single tab or website can be chosen as the browser start page. Almost every browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are given with the option through which users can select multiple tabs to be opened as start page.

Given below are the procedures that you need to abide by, according to your frequently used browser, to enable this feature.

Browser#1: Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer (IE) is the oldest yet default internet browser that comes along with Windows operating system. If you are a Windows user and using its default browser i.e. IE, then you will need to go through the given procedure of enabling this feature in it.

In IE, you will need to open the drop down menu of the Gear icon, located at the upper most right corner of the browser just beneath the ‘Close (X)’ button.


In that drop down menu, there will be an option ‘Internet Option’. Click on this option and a dialogue box will appear on your screen like the image given below.

In ‘General tab’ of the popped-up window, there will be a section for ‘Home Page’. In that section, you will need to enter the URLs of websites that you want to open whenever you open IE.


After entering the URLs of your desired websites, do not forget to check the Startup section, beneath the Home page section, to make sure that ‘Start with home page’ option is selected. Else, the default web page will be opened.

Browser#2: Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a very lightweight yet speedy browser which is quite suitable for internet surfing. So, if you use Chrome as your default browser, then you will need to carry out the given steps of opening multiple tabs.

Similar to IE, you will need to open ‘Menu’ button (a button having 3 horizontal lines) located at the upper most right corner of the browser just beneath the ‘Close (X)’ button in Chrome.


From the drop down menu, you will need to select the ‘Settings’. Selecting the Settings option from drop down menu will take you to the settings screen where multiple sections will be displayed. Among those, you will need to go ‘On Startup’ section and select the last option i.e. ‘Open a specific page or set of pages’.


When you will select this option, a new window with the name ‘Startup’ will be popped-up in which the name and URL of the current homepage will be displayed. Beneath that, there will be a section of entering URLs that you want the browser to open as start pages.


Just enter URLs of your desired web pages and click on the ‘Use Current Pages’ button at the bottom of window. However, make sure to a single URL in each line and according to your preference i.e. 1st tab on first line, 2nd on second line and so on.


Browser#3: Mozilla Firefox

The last on our list is one of the widely used web browsers Mozilla Firefox. Though it is quite heavy as compared to Chrome, but it is preferred by the tech users such as web developers and designers due to its rich editing features. In case, you use it as your default browser, you will need to carry out the given steps of setting up multiple start pages.

The first thing that you will need to do is to open the Menu button which will be identical to the menu button of chrome and located at the same position i.e. at the upper most right corner of the browser.


When you will click this button, a drop down menu will be opened from which you would require to select ‘Options’. Selecting the Option will open a dialogue box having in which the ‘General’ tab will be opened as default.


The ‘Startup’ is the section where you will need to enter the URLs of the pages that you want the browser to remember as home pages. After entering your desired web URLs, you just need to click on the ‘Use current tabs’ button for making the whole procedure effective. Furthermore, make sure to check that ‘When Firefox Starts’ is selected to ‘Show my home page’. If it is not selected, your entered URLs will not be opened as start pages.