For those who do not know, bounce rate is the web traffic analysis and it can be defined as the percentage of the visitors who have landed to your page and left it without continuing to more internal pages. It is considered as one of the most important factors that one must look at very carefully while optimizing his website to get better rankings on search engine results.

The most prominent factor behind high bounce rate, considered by search engine, is that the visitors are not finding it helpful, proper or informative for the query that they have searched. As a result of it, the search engine kicks it to the last pages of its SERP, even, on the related keywords.


Therefore, to help you out with this critical situation, I am sharing a list of few yet powerful WordPress (WP) plugins which will assist you in decreasing the bounce rate of your blog.

1.    WordPress Related Post:

The first plugin that we have on our list is the WordPress related post. It is an effective plugin which allows you to edit number of posts, hide/show posts, font face and size of the title, date and many other similar features of the related posts.

Another good thing about this particular plugin is that it updates itself regularly and displays the most closely related post at first. Also, it keeps record of CTR, page views and clicks that are performed via desktop and mobile phone.

2.    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP):

The second WP plugin that can help you reduce the bounce rate of your blog that we have on our list is YARPP. Mitchoyoshitaka is the developer of this most popular related post plugin. Similar to others, it also offers you to do various editing in it such as customization of post tiles, content, tags and categories. It is one of the rare plugin that works on their own algorithm and pins the most related post at the top in the list of related posts.

3.    nRelate Related Content:

The third related post plugin that we have on our list is nRelate. There are several factors that have made it famous among the WP bloggers. However, the main factor behind its popularity is that it uses its own server which does not affect the speed of your blog. As a result, it provides better experience to your visitors.

4.    Related Posts Thumbnail:

Related posts thumbnail plugin is listed on the fourth position on our list of related post plugin. It is the simplest yet most effective plugin. You can alter its settings, visualization and no. of posts you want to display beneath the main post.

5.    SEO Smart Links:

The last plugin we have on our list of WP related posts plugin is the SEO smart links plugin. It does not only help you get better rankings by intelligently internal linking the words to the posts but also helps decrease the bounce rate creating the list of most related posts under the main blog post which helps you engage your readers and make sure that they will not leave it soon.