Most of us are not aware with the difference between managed and unmanaged hosting as we start out hosting our websites on shared web hosting. The term ‘management’ applies only if we go for VPS, dedicated or semi-dedicated hosting.

Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged Web Hosting

Managed hosting is a type of web hosting in which you get the full access and control over the hosting environment and you are not responsible of dealing with any web server tasks such as server maintenance, upgradation, troubleshooting and others. Whereas, on the flip side, unmanaged web hosting is a type of hosting in which you are solely responsible for all technical issues and no assistance will be provided by the hosting provider.

Although, the price difference between managed and unmanaged hosting is quite big but taking decision on the basis of cost factor only would not be a good call. There are other factors, as well, that you must keep in your mind while deciding which hosting plan you should go with.


If you are willing to host your website on an unmanaged web hosting, you must have technical knowledge about the functioning of web servers as you will be responsible for server maintenance, configuration, upgradation, and a lot more. So, if you do not have enough technical knowledge about the server functioning, then managed web hosting is a good option for you and you should go for managed or shared hosting.


In managed hosting, you provided with ample technical support which means that you can run your site with peace of mind as there is a team of professional working at backend to resolve unforeseen issues. However, in unmanaged web hosting, you will have to hire an IT professional to resolve your server-related issues which will add up to your overhead.


As mentioned above, there is a quite big difference between managed and unmanaged web hosting. There are many factors that make managed hosting quite expensive as compared to the unmanaged and one of the many factors that adds to its cost is technical assistance and support that comes within the hosting package. On the other hand, unmanaged hosting is available at low cost as it comes with less service.


If you are picking managed hosting for your website, then you do not have to worry about security of your website. Since, a team of networking engineers will be monitoring and working on your website round the clock. Also, there are different anti-spamming filters and anti-virus software is integrated with it. Therefore, the chances are you will not be going to face any unpleasant issue regarding to security of your website. On the contrary, you will get very low security level with unmanaged hosting.


In case, you do not have sufficient technical knowledge about the server functionalities and can easily afford to pay few hundred dollars, then you must go for managed web hosting. In this way, you do not have to worry about handling and troubleshooting the technical issues as there will be a team of engineers who will be handling and resolving these issues on your behalf. On the flip side, if you are aware and know how to handle the server-related issues, then you should act as money-savvy and opt unmanaged hosting for your website.