Twitter is one of the most famous Social Media networking website that most of the people, now, are using for marketing their business. Most of them are un-able to cope with it due to several reasons such as lack of time for, continuous streaming, tweet, who to follow and not, etc.

The above mentioned are the very common yet great problems to deal with. However, using some effective tools that are meant to help you market your business on Twitter can help you do it more effectively. The only problem in using the tools is the selection of the appropriate ones.


It because there are several different tools available but very few among them are actually helping rather claiming only. Given is the list of Twitter tools that pros are using. Therefore, you must use them too.

1.    ManageFlitter:

ManageFlitter, used by Mari Smith (a famous Social Media speaker), is one of the most important tools that one should use to save his time that is usually wasted in managing the profile and selecting the people to follow and/or un-follow.

Another problem that you may have faced with your home streaming is that there are some particular persons which create clutter in it by spamming tons of tweets. It is really a very hateful thing. So, if you are the one who want to get rid of it, then you must worth give it a try.

2.    ExactTarget SocialEngageTM:

ExactTarget SocialEngageTM, formerly known as CoTweet, is another great tool for managing not only tweets but facebook posts as well. Another awesome feature of it is the history of tweets that it keeps in its database. So, if you do not want to miss any tweets and want to see who has tweeted you what, then you should really use it.

3.    Refollow:

This is one of the best Twitter tool considered by Liz Strauss –a popular speaker and organizer of very renowned Sobcon. Following is the statement that Leo Widrich (a contributor of mentioned in one of his articles,

“She told me that I’m a fan of, it lets me sort out who’s not tweeted for up to 90 days, who’s never tweeted, and who’s talking about me, but not following me.”

All the things that she has mentioned in his statement are the top-most things that one will look before following anyone. And, checking each profile individually is not only time consuming but hectic too. Therefore, if you are one who want to follow the active yet effective twitter users, then you must use this tool.

4.    HootSuite:

HootSuite is one of the most famous Twitter tools that Michael Brito (an article writer and Social Media counselor for Edelman Digital) is currently using and suggesting his peers too. It is considered as most effective Social Media dashboard which allows you to maintain a log of activity around your tweets. Also, it shortens your URLs too by its own URL shortener.

5. is also an effective tool for organizing the community on Twitter and it is preferred and suggested by Jure Klepic –the most knowledgeable Twitter user. It helps you a lot in keeping record of your network’s activity and mentions you the name of the people you are influenced by and the people influenced by you. Also, it notifies you the persons who are mentioning either you or your brand. In this way, this tool makes it easier for you to manage your profile and networking activity.