When it comes to make money via blogging, most of the people think that it is so easy that anyone can do it. However, in real, it is not. If you are doing like another blogger, it will be hard for you to earn living from it.

People you may have heard earning from their blogs are not actually running traditional blogs, they are running businesses. What all they are doing is just taking help of their blogging skills to create an impact on readers mind to sell their products.

Truth About Making Money Through Blogging

When someone asked Sonia Simone, Co-founder and Chief Content Officer of CopyBlogger, about making money via blogging, this is what she answered, “Blogs do not make money but businesses.

Following are few essentials that you must read, understand and implement to earn money via blogging.

1. Choose A Topic You Know About:

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to pick up a topic you are well aware of. For suppose you are a teacher who wants to build a website to help parents having children with disabilities –physical or mental. Your aim is to sell them coaching on helping their kids amalgamate in normal schooling. If you want people to listen you, then you must seem like a professional. Tell your readers the problems and how you have helped them with integrating their child to mainstream school settings.

In short, you have to create a blog post that outlines each and every point that can make your readers feel that they need the product you are selling. Therefore, the blog post must be highly engaging. Else, it would become hard to convince your readers to buy the product you are selling.

2. Give Reason To Re-Visit:

Another important thing is to give your visitors a reason to visit your blog again. Mostly, blogs are simple static websites and anything that can compel your visitors to revisit your website is the content (information) you are sharing on it. Therefore, the only reason that you can give your readers is the fresh, informative content you are publishing on your blog.

A good way to engage your visitors is to give them a freebie on subscribing your newsletter. In this way, you can send them updates every time you publish new post on your blog and the chances are they will visit your blog.

3. Interaction Is Must:

One of the most important things to engage your targeted audience is to interact with them i.e. respond to their emails, reply to their comments. Another good way is to get connected with your readers on social networks. One thing that you must keep in mind while interacting with your audience is to act like human and let them feel that you really care about them. Rather than making them feel like you are selling them something, make them feel like you are providing solutions to their problems. Also, be honest while communicating with your audience to develop trust factor between you and them.

4. Guest Post:

No matter how much quality, informative content you have published on your blog, you will need some quality backlinks to pin your blog on higher rankings in search engine. One of the best and highly recommended ways to do so is to guest. However, the blog on which you are willing to publish your post as a guest author must be relevant to your blog niche.

There is no rocket science in guest posting. All you need to do is to contact the blog owner, give a brief review about yourself, your blog and tell him/her why you want to publish a post on that particular blog. And, the chances are he/she will accept your guest post request.