One of the most valuable assets of an online business is the leads generated via email subscription form. It helps you maintain a list of individuals who have visited your website and interested to get updates about the new services, products, events or any other thing in that particular niche.

Most of the bloggers and online business owners generate and maintain email list of their customers for a single purpose i.e. to follow them up. However, besides sending follow up emails, the leads you have generated via your sign-up form can be monetized and you can earn thousands of dollars through it.

Make Money From Email List

There are various ways you can make money out of it. However, following are some little known ways which you should try out for making money via your list of email subscribers.

1. Promotional Offer For Re-Ordering:

This one is the most basic reason of keeping track record of your existing and potential customers who already have availed your service or bought the product you are selling. When it comes to bring re-orders from your existing database of customers, there is nothing much effective as of sending them a promotional email. As you already know them, it would be easier for you compose and send them a tempting offer that they cannot resist. It would hardly going to take an hour or two, but what you will get in return will be more than what you have thought.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Another effective way to monetize the email list of your subscribers is affiliate marketing. As you know what your subscribers are interested in, it will be easier for you to run affiliate marketing campaign on them. For instance, you are running a blog which helps amateur bloggers to set-up their blog. Then your audience will be interested to buy reliable hosting, SEO plugins, eye-catching themes, etc.

Therefore, by keeping their interest in mind, you can sign-up with any or all of these service providers as an affiliate marketer and enjoy commission generated via sales they get from the email you have sent to your subscribers. Mostly, the commission shared with an affiliate marketer ranges from 20% to 70% of the net profit generated on each sale.

3. One Time Offers:

One Time Offers (OTO) is yet another great way of generating revenue from your email subscribers. Al you need to do is to build a simple one-page blog and ask your subscribers to have a look at it. However, landing page must be catchy and seems valuable to the audience. One more thing that you must keep in mind is that the page must be focused on a single product or service which must be of the interest of your targeted audience. If you can manage to do as mentioned, you can generate hundreds of dollars a day in this way.

4. Sell E-Course:

Last but not the least is to write and sell e-course to your subscribers. Most of you may think that people are really not interested to pay for e-courses and you are right. People are really not going to pay for something that does not worth their valuable money. Therefore, you have to come-up with something that worth their money. The best way to create an e-course having high probability of getting sales is to write in your niche –the niche you know all about.