If you are running an online store and administering everything on your own, then you must know that managing the inventory is the most time consuming tasks among all. You cannot manually check again and again which stock has been completely sold out, about to end or just added and you need software to look after all these things.

Buying software for managing your store’s inventory is an expensive call especially for the ones who are running a small or medium size online business. However, there are some affordable yet effective apps that can help them to manage their inventory with ease.

One thing that apps are getting popular over the course of time is that they are used on mobile devices that people usually use or carry. In this way, you can easily manage your store’s inventory from wherever and whenever you want.

There are hundreds of apps available for managing the inventory of online shops. However, given below is the list of some hand-picked inventory management apps for your online business.

1. Retail Inventory:

Developed by Cashier Live, Retail Inventory is a feature rich app that can help you get your tasks done in a timely manner with ease. This app does not only help you with the inventory management related tasks but also assists you in scanning the barcodes of various products and syncing with point-of-sale (POS) with Cashier Live account.

Cashier Live will be provided to you for free when you will register an account for this app. In case you do not want to use the Cashier Live system, you can simply export the inventory list which can be imported into your favorite POS system.

This app has 3 basic pricing plans depending on your business size. For a small store, you can go for the ‘Shop’ package which will cost you just $20 per month. For a large online store, you can choose ‘Storefront’ package which will cost you $49 per month. In case you are running a chain of online stores, then you must go for the ‘Chain’ package which will cost you $75 per month.

2. Inventory Now:

Inventory Now is an iPad specific inventory management app which will make the inventory related tasks easier for you. This app is more advanced and effective as compared to other apps that are being used for tracking inventory. It is a lightweight app which is a best option for replacing a high-end POS system.

All you need to do is to acknowledge this app whenever you add new stocks in your store’s inventory. The rest of the calculation such as deducting the items that are sold, delivered and shipped will be done by this app. Also, it will provide you with the summary of items you have bought and sold and will show you the profit margins.

The basic version of this app is available for free. However, there will be some features that you cannot use. In order to use those features, you will need to register for a premium account which will cost you $9.99.

3. SOS Inventory:

Another feature-packed app for inventory management of an online store is SOS Inventory. This app is a nutshell of features that you wish to have in an inventory management app. Furthermore, this app can be integrated with QuickBooks Online which will make order tracking and management easier for you.

This app is designed on an intelligent algorithm which makes sure that there is no duplication in the data entered. In this way, this app helps you save your precious time and money. This app is capable of tracking inventories at multiple locations. Therefore, you can buy and add needed items at different inventories easily.

Unlike other apps, it has a free trial version of 30 days which you can simply avail by providing some basic contact details. In case, you like this app and want to use it for managing your inventory, you can go for the premium version for just $10 per month.

4. JumpStock:

JumpStock is yet another great inventory management app for the ones who are administering their online business via iPad. It uses the same method of managing inventory as traditionally done with the help of pen and paper. However, the difference is that it offers no or less errors as compared to the conventional method.

It helps you create orders by scanning the barcodes of different products and places it with the supplier directly via mobile. Unlike to other inventory management apps, it comes with a feature with which you can relocate the stock from one place to another.

This app is functional even when you are not connected to internet and support multiple user registrations and inventory locations. Another great feature of this app is that it saves the important data of your stock such as its lot numbers and expiration date.

Above mentioned are some of the highlighted features only and there are plenty other features as well. This app can be downloaded from iTunes for just $99 per month.

5. Lettuce:

Last but not the least is the app Lettuce. It is an amazing app for administering the inventory of your online shop. This app is quite easy to set up and comes with other great features including but not limited to Customer Management, Vendor Management, Shipping Management and Order Management from multiple sources including BigCommerce and Shopfiy.

Dissimilar to other apps, it can be integrated with multiple yet renowned tools and services such as FedEx, UPS, Stripe, QuickBooks and Google which is usually required in online business. You can try this app free for 14 days by signing up an account. Once satisfied with it, you can upgrade your account to premium version which starts from $15 per month.