One of the most hectic things is to manage your inventory especially when your online business starts growing rapidly. There are many other important aspects that you have to keep your eye on to get your desired business goals achieved.

Inventory Management Apps

Managing online store’s inventory consumes most of your time which can be utilized to enhance different, important areas of it. Therefore, you should stop wasting your time on listing available items or products and try following apps to do it for you.

1. Out Of Stock:

No matter how big your online business is, there are still chances of falling short of items. If you do not have the item a customer is looking for, he is likely to move on to some other ecommerce site to buy that product. In short, being out of stock increases the chance of losing a potential, returning customer.

However, you can simply overcome this genuine issue with the inventory management app known as Out Of Stock. It accepts and manages pre-order and notify the consumer about the pre-order that he just booked on your website via Email and SMS.

All you need to do is to install a script and nothing else. It will create a button for pre-orders. In this way, the ones who are looking for an item that is currently not available in your store can pre-order that product by clicking that button. Also, you have the complete control over taking order bookings. In case, you do not want to book pre-orders, you can simply turn off this feature.

This app is available for $9.00 per month.

2. Inventory Alerts:

Another wonderful app that can help you manage store’s inventory easily is Inventory Alerts. As it names, this app basically alerts you on the low inventory levels. This app comes with a pre-defined low inventory level but you can also set your own inventory level –if you want.

Similar to the levels, you can set frequency of alert emails hourly, daily or weekly. The report that you will get in email can be opened with Microsoft Excel to see how low the inventory levels are and of which specific product.

This app is available from $2.50 to $5.00 per month.

3. Back In Stock:

Back In Stock is similar to the app Out Of Stock. However, the only difference it has is that it notifies the customer about the product that was out of stock, when he last visited your online store, is available now. This app is really helpful to maximum sales from your existing traffic as people can create an alert about the product that is recently not available and can later check on after receiving alert.

Once you have added that out of stock item in your inventory, email will be delivered to the customers within few minutes. Also, you can have a look at insights to get to know about the products that your existing customers are interested in to buy.

This app is available for $79.00 per month.

4. Inventory Planner:

Inventory Planner is another great inventory management app that does not only notify the owner about the low stocks, but also notify them about the overstocking. In short, it serves as a planning tool to reduce both understock and overstock in your online store.

Along with the planning, it also gives you fruitful suggestions on promoting the overstocked items to reduce overstocking. Furthermore, it tells you why those products are not selling. So, now you can save your money and time by using automatic replenishment suggestions.

This app is available from $29.99 to $199.99 per month