No need to mention that Instagram is the most famous image-sharing social media platform. Most of the people use it to socialize themselves. However, it is more than a social networking site. You can also expand your brand or business with it –without spending a cent out of your pocket.


No doubt that promoting your business through a social platform is not an easy task especially if you are new to the term Social Media Marketing. However, adherence to the given tips will make it easier for you to use Instagram as an effective marketing tool to promote your business globally.

1.    Show What You Got:


As we know that it is a photo sharing social media website, therefore, the first step that you must do to expand your business through it is to show the products that you have. Or, take your target-audience for a virtual window shopping which means that you will have to show a collection of products that you or your company is offering currently.

2.    Share Shots Of Manufacturing Process:


Once you have shown your products to the audience on Instagram, now is the time to share some still shots of the different processes involved in their manufacturing. It will help you satisfy the audience because the main thing that we all are curious about the products that we are utilizing is how they are made. Once they are satisfied with its manufacturing process, they will surely going to have that.

3.    Tell Them The Effectiveness Of Your Products:


Another thing that you must keep in your mind in order to expand your business through Instagram is to tell your audience about the effectiveness or advantages of the products –you are offering them. This is where you can excite your target-audience to purchase your products. Failure to excite them about the products will leave you empty handed which, ultimately, ruin the efforts that you have made on its promotion.

4.    Ask Their Suggestions:


One of the most important things that can help you engage target-audience is to ask their suggestions about different things. Such as, how your office looks, the new place where you are planning to setup your office, interior of your office, quality of products or any other suggestion about your business or products. Though, you may not change the things according to their opinion, but it will make them feel special and bring them closer to you.

5.    Take Them With You Where Ever You Go:


Last and important thing that you must take care while promoting your business with Instagram is to take your audience with you where ever you go. Consider you are going to attend an event, a seminar or a concert. What you should do? You should tell them where you are going and share the pictures of that event, seminar or concert. Also, you can invite your followers (residing near to the place you are going) to meet you there.