If you are the one who usually work on Microsoft Office PowerPoint to make presentations, you may have come to a situation when you need to insert a PDF doc into your presentation as PowerPoint slide but unable to do it. Inserting a PDF file into PowerPoint is not as easy as it can only be opened and edited in Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF readers.

Insert PDF into PowerPoint

In order to import PDF pages into your PowerPoint presentation, you will have to go through a procedure especially if your PDF doc is comprised of multiple pages. Given below are some of the effective ways of inserting PDF file into PowerPoint presentation easily.

Method # 1: Insert Screen Clipping

In case you have to insert very little content from your PDF document into PowerPoint, then you can use insert screen clipping option to add content in your presentation slides. In order to do so, you will need to click on the ‘Insert’ tab and select ‘Screenshot’ from the multiple insert options as shown in given image.

Pic 1

In the above image, there are two options in the dropdown menu of ‘Screenshot’ one is for adding the ‘Available Window’ and the other one is ‘Screen Clipping’. In case the page that you want to insert in your PDF reader is opened in Adobe Reader, then you can simply click the first option i.e. ‘Available Window’. However, the downside of using this option is that user can neither resize the page nor select specific content region from that page and the entire page will be added.

If you do not want to import the entire page into PowerPoint, then you should use the other option i.e. ‘Screen Clipping’. With this option, you can easily select the region of the page that you want to insert with crosshair.

Method #2: Insert As Object

Another great method of adding PDF files directly into your PowerPoint presentation, then you can import it using insert as object option. In order to do so, you will need to click ‘Insert’ option and then select ‘Object’ option.

Pic 2

Upon selecting this option, a dialogue box will appear on your screen having few options. Among the given two options, you will need to select the second option which will be ‘Create from file’. There would be blank space in front of this option where you can either write the path of file that you want to import in it or you can simply click the ‘Browse’ button and select the desired PDF document.

Once the path to the desired file is shown in that blank space, you will just need to click on ‘OK’ button. Do make sure that you have not checked any other option from the dialogue box shown above. If you will place check on any other option, the file will not be added into your presentation.

Pic 3

If you have carried out the given procedure as mentioned, the desired PDF document would have been added. However, you would only be able to see the first or cover page of that particular file. Therefore, this option is useful for such users who have to attach a single-page PDF file in their PowerPoint presentation.

In case your PDF file is comprised of multiple pages and you want to add all or some pages from that particular document, then you will need to do a bit more. As your file is merged, the very first thing that you will need to do is to split that file into multiple PDF pages.

There are many PDF splitters available that can be used to split a single file into multiple pages. Do not worry if you do not know which one you should use. Splitters like ‘SplitPDF’ , ‘SmallPDF’ and Sejda  are some really effective tools that can split your PDF files easily.

All you need to do is to import your desired file into any of these splitting software and after processing, the pages can be downloaded which you can insert in your PowerPoint using the same procedure of inserting object.

Method # 3: Convert PDF Files

One of the easiest ways to insert a PDF file into PowerPoint is to use PDF convertor tools such as PDF to Image converter or PDF to PowerPoint converter. All you need to do is to download any of the aforementioned convertor on your computer.

After installing the downloaded setup, import your PDF doc in it and it will convert it into image or PowerPoint file depending upon the type of convertor you have used. Once the PDF file is converted, just go to ‘Insert’ option of PowerPoint and add them in your presentation.