YouTube, the largest video sharing portal, is a great source to drive more and more traffic. Some people think that getting views on YouTube is very simple and easy. All they have to do is to upload a video and wait to get views. However, it is not as simple as they think.

Increase YouTube Views Free

You will have to make a strategy and use some effective tips and tricks to get what you need. There are a lot of ways that you may have read to boost your YouTube video’s views. However, following are the tried, tested and experimented ways that are proven to be the effective to increase views of your YouTube videos for free.

1. Give An Eye-Catching Title:

The first and most important thing to increase views of your YouTube video is to give it an eye-catching title. Your video title must be appropriate and keyword specific. So that, whenever someone is going to search the video on the relevant keyword, your video will be displayed in the search results. Leaving your video unnamed or named inappropriately would waste all your efforts as it would not be displayed in the search results.

2. Add Proper Description:

Most of the YouTubers do not take it seriously, but believe me, adding proper description can help you boost views of your videos. All you have to do is to add two to three paragraphs about your video. Also, you can add URL to your website so that the ones viewing your video can be directed to your website too.

3. Include Hashtags:

We all know that Hashtags play an important role when it comes to keyword based searching. People are likely to search videos at random with the words they have in their mind. So, if you want them to watch your video, you will have to add appropriate hashtags to your video. Adding them in your video description will increase its probability of displaying in search results whenever someone will search through the keywords you have hashtagged.

4. Share Soon After You Upload:

One of the important steps to increase views of your video is to share it soon and with as many people as you can. There are many ways to share it with the people you know such as sending them email with your video attached to it. Also, a great source to get instant views is to sharing your video on all possible social media networks you have presence on.

5. Timing Is Everything:

If you want to make the most of the video you are going to upload on YouTube, then you have to take care of timing. As your video will be targeting a particular region, country or state, you will have to upload and publish it on particular time they are expected to watch your video.

6. Promote It Through Blog:

Promoting your video through different mediums is obviously an effective way to boost views of your video and one of those mediums is blog or website. So, in case you are running any of them, then it would be a good call to market your video through it. On the flip side, if you do not run you own blog but you know your friends do, you can ask them if they can help you out by publishing it on his blog.

7. Using Annotations:

Last but not the least is to use annotations in your videos to increase its views. Annotations are used to link one video to another or to playlists or channels. Adding annotations to video give suggestions to viewers of watching a similar video if they like the currently played one. So, in short, using annotations can engage your viewers to watch your different videos for hours.