Every blog owner wants to drive as much traffic as he can to his blog using different techniques and tactics to attract his targeted audience. Among the numerous techniques to attract visitors, giving away freebies is the most effective one. However, the freebies you are offering to your visitors should be related to the topic of your blog.

Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic By Giving Away Freebies

There is no doubt at all that some visitors will only land on your website for the freebies, however, it gives you a chance to impress them and turn them into returning visitors. Given below is the list of freebies that you can offer to your visitors to increase your blog traffic.

1. Free Samples Of Products:

If you are selling products through your blog, then the best freebies that you can give away to your visitors are the free samples of your offered products. This will not only increase the traffic of your blog but also provide you a chance to promote and publicize your products, in the targeted market, for free.

2. Free Services:

Do not worry if you run a blog where you do not sell products and, therefore, cannot offer free samples, you still have a chance to attract your targeted audience. You can attract the visitors and increase your blog’s traffic by offering them free services, in which you have expertise.

3. Free Consulting:

Similar to the free services, you can also offer free consulting to your visitors. For instance, you are a professional marketer and your blog is based on the same topic i.e. marketing. You can guide your visitors by offering them free consultation on different marketing tips, tricks and trends to drive more traffic onto your blog.

4. Contest Prizes:

Due to the fact that everyone likes to win rewards, setting up different contests on your blog is also an effective way to drive traffic onto your blog. However, make sure that the contests should be relevant to your blog’s topic. In this way, you will have a chance to attract those visitors who are landing on your blog just for the contest and convert them into your loyal readers.

5. Free E-Books:

E-books are always attractive to the readers who really want to know the insights of the topic as they are more descriptive and provide more information than a blog post on the same topic. Therefore, no matter whatever your blog’s topic is, you can write E-book on your blog’s topic and offer it for free to get more traffic.

6. Free Online Training:

One of the most effective ways to attract more and more visitors to read your blog, thus converting them into your loyal readers is to offer free webinars or online training. Most of the people are interested in getting information by listening to a speaker than reading blog posts only. Therefore, you can target that audience by offering free webinars.

7. Free Advertising Space:

You can also increase your blog traffic by offering free advertising space on it. Free advertising space helps you demonstrate authority of the blog as most of the visitors think that a blog having reputable advertisers is worth to read. Therefore, try to make every effort you can make to increase the authority of your blog in your reader’s mind and you will see that your blog traffic will be increased.

8. Free Publicity:

It is a fact that everyone loves to get free publicity. Therefore, offering free publicity to authors, public speakers and other bloggers, relevant to your blog’s niche, can increase your daily traffic. How? It is likely that the person you would be interviewing wants to create hype of it through word of mouth or sharing this news on different platforms which will, eventually, drive more traffic to your blog.