When it comes to optimize your website for getting listed on top position in search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, you need to take care of various elements. In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a blog or web is likely to get ranked on the top positions in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) having high Page Rank (PR).

PR of a web shows its credibility and estimated by search engine by observing different parameters such as user interaction, average page views per visit, average visit time, bounce rate, etc. If you want to optimize your website to get loads of traffic, then you will need to take care of all these essential parameters.

Increase Page Rank

So, if you want to get tons of organic traffic to your web to get maximum Return On Investment (ROI) then you will need to put your efforts in increasing its PR. Following are some experimented yet effective tips which you must implement on your site to increase its Page Rank.

1. Non-Plagiarized Yet Informative Content:

The first and most important of all is to publish non-plagiarized yet informative content on your web. The reason why I have mentioned non-plagiarized and informative instead of unique content is because most of the bloggers just try to come up with write-up having zero plagiarism to avoid being penalized by Google update for content ‘Panda’. However, now it has become essential that content should not only be original but also informative too. Therefore, make sure to research well on the topic and write such articles that give readers something to read.

Also, do not try cheap tricks such as repeating your keyword excessively in the post or hiding the repeated keywords to increase your page rank because all these tips will not going to make any positive changes to your web ranking. However, there is possibility of being penalized by the search engine and it can be banned as well.

2. Presence On Social Media Platform:

That time is long gone when people can simply build links of their web and get their website listed on top rankings. Due to the spam and other black hat SEO factors, search engines have made changes in their algorithms and collect both on-page and off-page information of web to estimate its PR. One of the important factors that are important not only to get high PR but additional traffic too is to create presence over different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. These social networking websites will help you increase your page rank and also drive traffic to your web.

Furthermore, you must integrate social plugins (both sharing and liking) on your web so that the visitors who find your content informative can easily share it in their social circle in a single click. Also, make sure to give your page or profile link on your web to get connected on social media too. In this way, the visitors willing to read your latest post do not have to visit your site often just to check whether you have published something new or not. When you will post a link of your new post on your social media accounts, they will be simply notified via their social media networks.

3. Choose A Specific Niche And Stick To It:

One of the most important things to increase ranking of your web in search engine is to make sure that you are sticking to the niche you have selected in the beginning. For example, if you have opened a technology blog, then it is important to publish posts that are relevant to your niche. Publishing articles on real estate or any other niche would damage your credibility and so your ranking. Therefore, it is important to decide on which niche you want to open your blog and once decided, you will need to stick to it.

Some niches have high competition and some have low. So, there may be a possibility that the niche you have picked up have high competition and that is why your web requires time to get on top of SERP. Therefore, instead of publishing posts that are not relevant to your niche, you must keep patience and stick to your niche.

4. Create Quality Backlinks:

Creating quality backlinks is yet another great way to give boost to your web ranking. It is because the search engine keeps track of the origination of your visitors either it is coming from search engine, social media or another blog or web. When visitor comes from another website where you have created your link, the search engine determines the PR of that particular web. If the PR of the origination of visitor will be high, the more impact it will have on your site ranking. Therefore, instead of creating hundreds or thousands of backlinks on low PR webs, you must go for making tens of them on high PR ones as these will be more effective in increasing your ranking.

There are many ways to create backlinks such as article submission, directory submission, classified postings, etc. However, the most effective and valuable way of creating links to your web is Guest Posting. Guest Posting is nothing but a way of creating quality, do-follow backlinks as the web owner has to contact and request other web owners to allow him publishing his/her article on their web and in return, he/she needs a favor in form of link back to website.