Facebook, world’s largest social media platform having more than 750 million users, has now become more than a social network. During last few years, it is seen and observed that people have started promoting their businesses through its pages.

Increase Facebook Likes for Free

If you are running a page, your ultimate goal would be to increase the number of fans or likes and getting it for free would be a perk. There are many ways to increase the likes of your business page. However, given below is the list of some experimented yet most effective ways to increase likes of your Facebook page for free.

1. Complete Your Page Profile:

The first and most important thing that you must consider to increase likes of your page is to complete your profile. Whenever someone lands on a page, he is interested to like, the first thing he goes for is the page profile. Therefore, you should complete the profile of your Facebook page and also make it attractive by adding catchy description about the page.

It will not only help you increase likes and potential fans, but also help Facebook to list your page in relevant category. So that, when any user will search for the page related to your industry, your page will also be shown there in the search results.

2. Add Like Button To Your Website:

Another effective way to get more likes for your Facebook page is to add like button on your website. This will help your visitors know that you also have presence on social media network and they would likely be to interacting with you on it because it seems more convenient as compared to contact you using email or contact us form.

3. Add Pictures With Status:

One of the most effective practices that are found to be very helpful to increase followers is adding photos to whatever status you are sharing. It is quite natural that a post having pictures seem to be more attractive than a plain-text one. Therefore, whenever you are sharing anything on your page, do not forget to add photos to it.

4. Share And Ask Others To Share:

Sharing is undoubtedly a great way to increase followers of your page. However, it can be more effective if you would ask others to do the same for you. You can simply share your page’s URL to different yet relevant pages and communities and to your profile and other’s profiles. Also, you can ask your friends and family members to help you out by sharing your page in the same way you have done it. This will help you get more likes on your Facebook page.

5. Post Informative Content:

If you really want to increase your likes of your Facebook page, then you would certainly have to share something informative on it. People are most likely to like the page on which they found useful information. Therefore, do some research and post information-rich content on your page to get more fans.

6. Update Regularly:

Last but not the least is to update your Facebook page regularly. It is one of the powerful ways to get likes more frequently. There is no restriction on posting and therefore you can post as many statuses as you can. In case, you are unable to update your page frequently, you must make sure to update it at least once a day. However, you must make sure that every time you share something, it should be new which means it should not be something that you have already posted on your page.