If you are new to Google Plus and desperately looking for some contacts, then you should implement the following helpful tips that will help you increase your followers on this innovative social media channel:

Connect With Your Contacts

Firstly, you must create a Google Plus Circle. It will include all the people in your personal and professional network. You can create multiple circles and choose what each group will be getting from your Google Plus account. You can adjust the settings about how each group will be interacting with you.

Connect With Your Customers

With a Google Plus profile, you can promote your business in a smart way. All you need is to create a business page, similar to a Facebook page, with the URL of your website or blog. Having a Google Plus page will dramatically increase your followers as well as make your business visible to your target audience.

Join With Your Followers of Other Social Media Networks

Google Plus is relatively a new addition on social media platform and many people might not know about this social media platform. So you have to send an email message to everyone from your other social media network to join you on Google Plus. This will increase your network list by inviting friends and family members to this podium.

Share Media Stuff

Add interesting post in your Google Plus so that you can attract maximum users. Share pictures, videos, links and news articles to interact with people. This will also increase your visibility to people having the same interests and hobbies that you have and they may eventually join you.

Join With People Having a Common Hobby, Interest or Profession

Google Plus allows you to find people who are friends of your friends or have similar hobbies, interests or jobs. You may also find someone who is your old friend, colleague or someone with who you’ve shared a part of your life. You can even import all your contacts from other email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo.

Make Your Presence Felt With Fellow Business Professionals

If you are a businessman, then use Google Plus platform to get connected with people having similar profession or industry. This will allow you to make contacts with the members who belong to your niche industry. Such contacts will allow you to share similar web resources, exchange fan pages or even collaborate on any marketing campaigns.

Connect With Your Clients and Fans

If you own a website or blog, make sure you place Google Plus badge on it. It will enable your visitors to join you on Google Plus and follow your fan page. This will multiply your G+ followers as well as make it possible for you to interact with your customers or fans effectively.