Facebook is the most widely used and densely populated online social network with almost 1.5 billion active monthly users and you are reading this post you are likely to be one of them. Facebook, initially started to provide a platform where people can get to know about strangers and can become friends as they do in real live, has now become everything for the users.

Facebook Trusted Contacts

Besides socializing, there are many other features that have compelled Facebook haters to become Facebook users. With Facebook, you can do almost everything that an online user usually do be it setting up a digital store to sell goods and offer services, sending images, files and documents, having textual, video and audio conversation, create a community or group to support a cause, find freelance work or get a job, play online games and many more.

Why You Need Facebook Trusted Contacts:

With so many options, from business to entertainment, there are hardly some users, from the Western world, who do not use it for socializing or connecting with the family members and friends on regular basis. However, sometimes, there comes a situation when one is locked out of Facebook due to unknown reasons and when he tries to get help, there is no human customer support to help them out.

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Although Facebook has provided theoretical explanation to methods that one needs to implement to regain access of their account, but sometimes it becomes hard to get access to your account through those methods. Therefore, Facebook users have been sending a lot of complaints regarding the unpleasant situations they have to face due to lack of human customer support.

Who Are Facebook Trusted Contacts:

After flooding with such complaints, social network management initiated a way where a human can help blocked Facebook user gain access to the account, Facebook Trusted Contacts. Facebook Trusted Contacts can be any of 3 – 5 Facebook friends of your trust. In case you’re unable to recover the password via the given theoretical recovery methods, you can give your Facebook Trusted Contacts a call and regain access to the same account you are locked out of.

How To Set Facebook Trusted Contacts:

You don’t have to wait to set Facebook Trusted Contacts unless your Facebook account is hacked or blocked due to unknown reasons because it’s prevention not a cure. You will have to implement following steps to set them up.

Step # 1: To configure Trusted Contacts on Facebook, you will need to log-in to your Facebook account.

Step # 2: Click on the gear icon topmost, right-side of the screen which will open a drop down and select Account Settings.

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Step # 3: Click the Security link which will open a new window. From that window, you will need to click Trusted Contacts link which will open a new dialogue box.

There will be a link “Choose Trusted Contacts” at the right side of the dialogue box that you will need to click to select the friends on which you can rely.

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Step # 4: Clicking the aforementioned link will display a pop-up on screen having brief overview of Facebook Trusted Contacts which you should read. After carefully reading the description, click “Choose Trusted Contacts” button at the bottom of the dialogue box.

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Step # 5: Clicking the button will take you to another pop-up where you will need to enter the Facebook name of your trusted friends to make them Facebook Trusted Contacts of your account. You will need to select at least 3 or at max 5 contacts to make this work.


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Step # 6: Enter your Facebook login credentials to confirm your decision of making a friend as a registered Trusted Contact.

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Once you have successfully implemented all above steps, you will be able to unblock your Facebook account with the help of your Trusted Contacts.

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How Facebook Trusted Contacts Can Help You Regain Access Of Your Blocked Account:

You will need to follow the given procedure to regain access of your blocked Facebook account:

Step # 1: Go to reset password option, select “Email me a link to reset my password” and hit “Continue” button.

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Step # 2: To make this work, you will need to provide Facebook with an email account or phone number which is in your reach.


Step # 3: Go to “Ask Your Trusted Contacts For Help”. This is a 3-step procedure. First of all, you will need to reveal your Trusted Contacts by providing their full name. Once you have revealed, now you will need to ask them to visit https://www.facebook.com/recover.

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Step # 4: When they’ll visit the link, they will be told that you need help to get access to your account for which they have to communicate in person or over phone to make sure that they are helping their friend and not anyone else.

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Step # 5: They’ll have to confirm that they have talked to you over phone or communicated with you in person and hit “Continue” button to get a code.

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Step # 6: All of your Facebook Trusted Contacts, or at least, 3 of them have to go through the same procedure to get a code.

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Step # 7: Once you have the codes, just enter any 3 of them in any sequence, in case of more than 3 Trusted Contacts, in the dialogue box and click “Continue” button.

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Step # 8: Hitting the continue button will take you to the screen where you will have to enter a “New Password”, retype it in “Confirm Password” field, and click “Continue” to head to your Facebook account.

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Why You Should Set Maximum Trusted Contacts:

In case you have chosen 5 Trusted Contacts, and any of them isn’t picking up a call, there’s nothing to worry. You can still gain access to the blocked account as Facebook requires a combination of, at least, 3 codes sent to your Trusted Contacts. However, if you have chosen the least number of Facebook Trusted Contacts, i.e. 3 and any of them unable to respond you, you will not be able to get access to his account. So, make sure to go for the maximum number of Trusted Contacts, if you have that many Facebook friends of your trust.