Are you tired of your nosy friends and siblings who always want to have a peek of images in your gallery? If your answer is a clear Yes then here is something that you can do to hide your data. These days, most of the communication and data transfer on smartphones is done via WhatsApp due to which your nosy friends are likely to explore it first.

In order to protect your WhatsApp data, you can simply use a lock-app but installing them is of no use as the data on your messenger can be easily viewed via gallery. Obviously you can put a lock over there as well but it will make others more curious about the data you are carrying.

Hide WhatsApp Images and Videos

Therefore, the simplest way of all is to hide your WhatsApp data including images and videos from mobile gallery in a way that others cannot find it. To become the only authorized person to have access to the data, you will need to carry out the given steps and your WhatsApp image and video folders will be vanished from the gallery for others.

The best part about the trick I am going to share with you is that it does not require user to download any third-party app for it. All you simply need a file manager app to access WhatsApp directory in your memory.

Hiding WhatsApp Media From Gallery In Android Phones:

Step # 1:

As aforementioned, the first and utmost thing that you will need to hide images and videos from gallery is File Manager to access WhatsApp directory. In case you do not already have it in your mobile, you can easily download any file manager app via Play Store.

Step # 2:

Once you have downloaded and successfully installed file manager app in your phone, open it and navigate to ‘WhatsApp Media’ folder. This folder is usually found at the given directory path.

Home > sdcard > WhatsApp > Media


Step # 3:

Following the given above directory path, you will be taken to Media folder. Under this folder, there will be some other folders and one of them will be with the name ‘WhatsApp Images’. You will need to rename this folder by placing period (.) before it which will make it appear like this ‘.WhatsApp’.


In order to rename the folder, you will need to long press your desired folder icon and, after few seconds, a pop-up will appear on screen through which you can rename the folder.

Step # 4:

Now go to the gallery and you will not found a single WhatsApp image or video as it was never there before. In order to unhide the folder, you will need to repeat the first three steps. However, in third step, you will need to rename the folder by just removing the period before the folder’s name and everything will be back to default setting.

Note: To bring back your WhatsApp images and videos, you will first need to enable ‘Show Hidden Files’ feature of File Manager. Else, you will not be able to find the hidden folder and the media will remain vanished from gallery.

Why It Is Important To Place Period Before The Folder Name?

The reason behind placing period (.) before the name is that Android is based on Linux kernel and placing a period before a folder’s name in it hides the folder, similar to Linux file system. Therefore, you can use the same trick of placing period before a folder name to hide it from the gallery.

Hiding WhatsApp Media From Gallery In iPhone:

Hiding WhatsApp images and videos from gallery in an iPhone is quite simpler and easier as compared to the steps you will need to carryout to hide WhatsApp media in Android mobiles. All you need to do is to go to ‘Settings’, go to ‘Privacy’, select ‘Photos’ and turn WhatsApp off. Once you have turned it off, WhatsApp images will be vanished from the gallery as they were never there.



The above steps may seem time-consuming as compared to installing data-lock apps. However, by implementing the given above procedure, you can worry-freely give your cellphone to anyone who want it without putting any privacy locks on it. In this way, you will not need to say No to anyone asking your passcode and, therefore, you will not have to face raised eyebrows.