One of the most difficult tasks for the owner of a website is to increase the visibility of his website on the Google, the most widely-used search engine. The technique of boosting the ranking of a website on a search engine is commonly known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Those days are long gone when you can rank your site by spamming links, duplicating content and cloaking your website. It is because the several anti-spamming updates by Google such as Panda and Penguin have made it more difficult to remain at the top on your desired keywords, unless you opt for ethical techniques that Google loves.


Nonetheless, following are some effective ways that can enhance visibility and search rankings of your website on Google. Abiding by the given ways will surely help you a lot.

1.    Select Keywords Intelligently:

The first and quite obvious thing to enhance the search rankings of your website is to select the keywords of your website intelligently. You must choose long tail keywords or phrases instead of short or general keywords.

Suppose your website deals in tech products. So instead of choosing “technology” as your keyword, you must narrow it down. Are you going to talk about computers, mobile phones, tablets or anything else? For instance you have chosen mobile phones. Now you will have to narrow it down and use something like “cheap iphones in US”. In short, the more specific yet high-quality your keyword is, the more it will make it easier for you to boost its visibility.

2.    Premium Quality Content:

Once you have wisely selected keywords for your website, now is the time to write the content on them. Since the Panda update of Google, the copied or duplicated content site cannot top the search engine ranking and once the plagiarism is detected by the Google bots, it will kick the website so hard that you would not be able to take it back on top rankings no matter how hard you may try. Consequently, you will have to buy a new domain and start working on it from zero.

In order to avoid such situation, you will have to write unique and compelling content. However, it must be genuine, non-plagiarized and informative. Providing such information that has already been posted on several sites would be a bad call. Also, the length of content should not be less than 300 words.

3.    Build Do-Follow And Avoid No-Follow Links:

Another thing that you will have to consider in order to maximize the visibility of your site is to understand the difference between do-follow and no-follow links. Building links that are mostly no follow will keep your site at low search rankings.

On the other hand, do-follow links will boost its position on search engine result page. Another thing that you must keep in your mind is to build the link on the high Page Rank (PR) sites. Building high PR links would be enough to maximize its visibility on Google search.

4.    Learn Fundamental HTML:

One of the important things that can assist you in optimizing your website is to learn and understand the basic HTML. It is the most basic programming language and you will need it at several instances while optimizing your website.

Therefore, you must learn it to make your way smoother for better optimization. If you are unable to go and learn from a professional or cannot pay the fee, you can learn it from –an efficient and leading HTML learning website for beginners.

5.    Don’t Twist Your SEO Strategy For Frequent Result:

Last thing that you must keep in your mind is not to twist your optimizing strategy rapidly for frequent results. Some of the optimizers think that their strategy is not effective as they are not getting immediate results. Therefore, they keep on changing their strategy quickly. Most of them do not know that it is strictly prohibited by the professional SEOs.

Why? It is because there is no magic in optimizing that can give you result on hand as it requires patience. Another reason behind the prohibition of tweaking your analogies rapidly is that this practice will only affect the ranking negatively. Therefore, you will have to be calm and keep patience to get the desired result.