Google Trends is one of the most powerful tools that can help you generate content on topics which most of the people are searching on web. It basically notifies you the terms, with its stats over time, which assists you in determining the keywords that are expected to go upward/downward in searches. This analysis helps you compose content on trendy terms that are rated as hot, on-fire or volcanic.


Following are the ways through which you can understand, more properly, how Google trends assist in creating tempting content for your website.

1.    Get Additional Assistance In Creating List Of Keywords:

The very first thing that you will need before writing content for your website is the list of keywords on which you want to optimize it. What normally a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) does is he searches the keywords through Google AdWords and uses them in the website’s metas. However, he can further refine it and include such keywords that can help him getting better result in lesser time by putting that list in Google Trends.

When you put the terms that belong to the same category, in Google Trends, you see notable difference between their searches which makes it easier for you to decide and put the most appropriate and SEO friendly keywords in your blog’s content. Also, you see some letters mentioned on spikes in its analytics comparison graph of keywords. Hovering over those letters will let you know the reason behind its immediate increment in searches.

2.    Check-Up Your Website’s Keywords For Content Creation:

Another helpful tool that can help you write-out magnificent content is to check-up your website’s keywords. This will help you a lot with determining which keywords you should remove and which keywords you should include while composing content or article for your blog.

You should not include such keywords in your posts that are going down or expected to go down in future because they will take time to bring you gain in searches. On the other hand, the keywords that are rising gradually or expected to rise in future are the ones that you must include in your posts to get the better results and higher traffic. However, do not stuff your post with the rising keywords. Keyword stuffing will devastate all the efforts that you have made.

3.    Discover Ideas For Your Business-Related Content:

You can also discover the new ideas and terms related to your business with Google Trends by putting the terms that you are interested in. When you enter those terms, you see an analytic graph. In the graph, you have to check the trending popularity of the keyword. If there’s any, then use that keyword – relevant to your niche – in the content.

For instance, you have a blog based on Technology. What you can do is enter a topic such as mobile phones. Then go further in it and target a specific mobile phone company such as Apple. Click the “Explore” button and you will get the data which shows you how long the term is in top searches. You will also get a list of terms related to your topic having different phrases with two options. The first one is “Top” and second one is “Rising”.

As you will have to compose the post to get more traffic, therefore, click on rising button and you will be given a list of terms that are rising or expected to rise. In this way, you can get several different yet related topics for your blog which can help you pin your blog at top position in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).