Previously, it was easy to pin your web on top of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) by stuffing keywords in your posts and by creating spamming links in the search engine. However, it is not so easy now because Google has been changing and updating its algorithms for last few years to pin only those webs on top ranking which complies with its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules.

Google SEO Rules 2014

So, if you want to get higher rankings on your desired keywords or industry, then you must abide by the following SEO rules.

1. Content:

The first and foremost thing that needs your consideration is the content that you are publishing on your blog. The content must be informative and relevant to the topic you are writing for. Google has taken serious note of the content that gives no or less information about the topic and the websites publishing such web content are now nowhere in SERP. The quality of content is usually determined by social signs because if people like your posts, they will be sharing it on different social platforms. So, the greater number of shares, likes and pluses your post will have, the more are the chances of your web to get higher rankings.

2. Social Media:

Another important aspect of SEO is social media. Social media has been playing a vital role in taking your web to top rankings. Therefore, it is necessary to make your blog presence felt on all major channels of social media including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. Your presence on social media platforms is like an alert which will help you engage your audience. How? Whenever they will check their social media profiles, they may have a look at what you have published on your page or profile and from there; they will probably land on your website to read the entire post.

3. Guest Posts:

Guest posting has now become an essential part of SEO. Previously, what all you need to do is to write out posts and submit them to some major article submitting directories such as Article Base, Ezine Articles, etc. However, submitting articles to article directories is of no or less worth because Google has flagged it as spamming. Therefore, the links that you will get from article directories would be of no use. What now you have to do to in order to get quality backlink is to guest post –ask a blogger to publish your post on his/her blog as a guest blogger.

4. Advertisement:

Advertising has also become an important factor to take your blog on top of search results. There are mainly two mediums of advertising your website. First one is Google Adwords and another is top ranking websites. In Google Adwords, you will have to create an ad on your desired keywords. So, whenever someone searches something on those keywords, your ad will be displayed on top of SERP. Similarly, you can contact the admin of the websites having higher rankings on your desired keywords to give you some advertising space on their web.

5. Links:

Last but not the least is to create links. Some people have started thinking that linking is not necessary. However, if links do not make any difference to website ranking, then Google will not be hammering them. So, in short links count no matter whether they are do-follow, no-follow, scripted, from a website or social media networks. They still serve as paths which people follow to reach your website. However, you must make sure to build links on high Page Rank (PR) websites.