There is no doubt that the news “Google Reader is shutting down” has shocked and saddened all of us Many of the people start thinking that they would not be able to read news and latest updates so easily, in future, as there are no apps that can replace it immediately. However, it is not so true.


There are certain apps and services that can replace it and help you be up to date – the way you used to be with Google Reader. So, if you are one who is looking for an efficient alternate to it, then you must read the following list and pick the one that, you think, can suit you best.

1.    NewsBlur:


NewsBlur was the first service suggested by the news readers when they heard that Google Reader is going to shut down soon. The thing that makes it popular among the people is its friendly interface and eye-catching atmosphere which makes easier for you to read news easily and quickly. You can have it wherever you want by installing its app to your iOS or Android supported mobile or tablet. Also, there are two types of accounts available for users. One is free and second one is paid (24$ per year).

With a free account, you can subscribe to as many webs as you want. Also, you can get all the latest stories at an instant with a premium account. On the other hand, you can subscribe 64 websites and can get10 news stories at an instant. Public sharing option is still there with free account. You may not be able to register for free account at this point of time because they had restricted it due to high demand.

2.    Feedly:


Another great option to replace Google Reader is Feedly. Formerly, there were its iOS and Android apps but it has finally introduced its internet based reader as well. However, the one thing that makes it different from Google Reader is its design and interface. It is quite like a newspaper because it does not flow news steadily. So, if you are one who is fed up with the continuous pop-up of news, then you must give it a try.

3.    The Old Reader:


The Old Reader is the one that is basically meant to replace the Google Reader. There are various things that are making it the most suitable alternative of Google Reader. Among those, the very first thing that you will admire is that you can log in with your existing Google or Facebook account.

Second thing is its design which is very simple and quite similar to the design of Google Reader. Another thing that is compelling audience towards it is the fast yet constant streaming of news. The only one thing that may turn you off that it has not launched any mobile application yet.

4.    AOL Reader:


One of the most significant alternatives to the Google Reader service is AOL Reader. It has made its name in a very short span of time due to its facilities that it is providing to its readers. One of them is the wide range of views available for users.

Also, it does not allow you to share with Facebook and Twitter friends and followers only but you can also share with your friends on LinkedIn and Google Plus. It has not launched any Android or iOS application yet, but there is news that it is going to launch it soon which will increase its audience and popularity too.

5.    Pulse:


The last on our list but an effective alternate to Google Reader is Pulse. Its interface is completely based on pictures arranged in rows and columns. However, you can customize the number of rows and columns, actually number of stories, which you want to see on a single page. It also has launched Android application which will make it easier for you to read the latest news through your Android supported mobile or tablet wherever you want. Apple users are still waiting for its iOS app.