If Penguin Update 1 had left your business struggling to make ends meet, then get ready for another major update Penguin 2.0. On May, 2013, Google’s distinguished engineer, Matt Cutts, has reported that they’ll be rolling out the next jarring and jolting penguin algorithm AKA Next-Generation Penguin. According to Matt Cutts, the upcoming update will have a major affect on the search queries, even greater than the first update that was launched on Feb, 2011.


The tweet spread like a fire in the webmasters community, leaving them with no choice but to reassess their link profile meticulously. Certainly, it is a bad signal for those webmasters who have indulged in unethical practices (methods which are forbidden by Google).

Penguin 2.0 Area of Concerns

Last time when the first penguin hit, sites that were affected had either overly-optimized anchor text or unnatural links, pointing to their sites. In a recent video posted by Matt Cutts on his blog, he said that this time his team will analyze the link profile even in more detail. He further said, “….have more of an impact than the first version of [the initial] Penguin update”.

Since the first Penguin update, Google’s web spam team has acquired a colossal amount of data packs through various means, among which the most prominent one is disavowal tool. Through that data, they have amassed a great deal of spammy sources, “bad-neighborhood” sites. Experts believe that the main area of concern, with regards to the next penguin, will be paid-links.

However, it is too early to take sigh even if you have not participated in this unethical practice because they are lots of other more areas for you to concern. Link graph, social signals, relevancy, anchor text, link trust, link velocity and lots of other critical factors should be reassessed immediately before the next update emerges.

Penguin 2.0 Predictions/ Forecasts

Since the materialization of the next update is near, the whole webmaster community is seriously worried about the effects or impact it’ll make on their sites. To give you a head-start, let us present some predictions that have appeared in our ‘Magic Orb’.

•    The end of low-quality or mass guest posting seems near. After the first Penguin many webmasters changed their linking-building methods and switched to guest-posting where they can easily swap their links on other sites.

•    Some content contains irrelevant anchor links which are a prime target for the next update.

•    Dofollow Advertorials are also among the key targets since most people use them to pass link juice to their sites – Google seriously hate this practice.

•    Link networks are no exception and Google doesn’t think twice to slam these websites.

•    If you are building up your link inventory with unnatural links, then this summery you’ll be in a great trouble.

•    Link spammers have been reduced recently, all thanks to Google’s persistent action against them.

Penguin 2.0 Precautions You Must Consider

However, there are some effective methods that can help you avoid this Tsunami and enjoy your summer and the days to come without any worries.

•    Reevaluate your link profile thoroughly with certain important tools such as Ahrefs, Majestic SEO.

•    Over-optimization of same anchor text has always been the key-player in getting your site slammed by Penguin. Therefore, you need to focus on using unique or branded anchor texts.

•    Social sharing or signals has become more important than ever. You should also work on increasing your social presence.

•    Link analysis of sites that are passing link juice to your site is another area you should work on. Ensure that the backlinks coming to those sites are not from bad-neighborhood.

So, what are your thoughts about the next update?