It has been hardly a month when everyone was talking about the major changes that were made by management of Google Inc. when Larry Page, Co-founder and CEO of Google, has surprised the world by designating Sundar Pichai as the next CEO of Google -2nd to him.

Google New Logo 2015

Soon after the designation of new CEO, Google has announced to launch bandage size Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) with DexCom –the first big deal in med-tech field. It was not the only major breakthrough but Google has also launched Marshmallow, the latest Android version. And now, they have changed their iconic logo which was their above the search text box since 1999.

The quick changes that have been made during the last 30 days have made the tech world curious to know what’s going on in Google Inc especially when they announced to give a makeover to their iconic logo.

Google New Search Logo

Although, the color scheme for the new GOOGLE is similar to that of the previous one i.e. blue-red-yellow-blue-green-red but the typeface has been changed. The previous typeface has been replaced with ‘Product Sans’ –similar to that of we seen in schoolbook letter printing.

With the new logo, the search engine giant wants its users to think that it is not an all-knowing entity which it seems to be with apps that have become part of our lives such as Maps, Android, Gmail, Earth, Wallet, Drive, and many more. Instead of what it has been perceived by the users, the company wants to be known as a guide to the new world where humans are given more priority over machines. This is the reason why it has changed logos of every product.

Google All New Logos

Let’s have a quick view what other tech-geeks have to say about the changes made to the logo.

According to Nate Clinton, director of product strategy at Cooper design firm,

“Digital interfaces can be scary for a lot of people and Google with its expanding range of products has a big challenge with both their public perceptions and new anxiety-producing technologies. So, I think they are willing to project a tone and make people feel like they are more human and less about being in the guts of the computer.”

Google 4 color logo

When Steven Heller, a famous design critic, is asked about the four-colored ‘G’, here’s what he has said,

“For the first time in years, I feel good about a redesign of a corporate logo. It is clear is that four-color “G” logo will become Google’s most prominent insignia, because it’ll be the mobile portal to the company’s services.”

The critics are in favor of the overall changes that have been made to the Google’s search engine, app and Google + logo and it is said that the new G has potential to become akin to Shell’s shell.