If we talk about business and marketing, we see that Google+ is gradually becoming a business-friendly social network and an important part of online marketing. As it continues to grow, companies are getting access to helpful tools for global socializing and for marketing and promoting their products and services. One such tool that companies are using nowadays is Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts is a new video conferencing (video and chat) system launched by Google in May 2013 which is available on Google+. It is a great feature that is highly useful for people who like to share videos with their friends and for companies that are looking for opportunities to promote their businesses. It was launched to replace Google Talk and Gchat, which were previously called ‘hangouts’.


Today, these ‘hangouts’ mean something much more than before because now they consist of text chat and video calls with groups. The hangouts are simple to use. You first enter your Google+ account to go online. Once you’re online, you can invite anyone who wants to have a group video conference or who wishes to attend a webinar (web conference). You can add up to 100 people in the text chat hangout and up to 10 people in the video call feature. In case you have a business account, you have the benefit of adding up to 15 people in a single video call.

Nowadays, many businesses are using Google Hangouts for their social media marketing strategy. Given below are few tips which will be helpful for many businesses in using Google Hangouts:

1.    Perform Market Research

Conduct a thorough research about the market and invite customers to join you in a hangout. Ask questions from them to acquire information about their likes and dislikes relating to your products and services. Get to know your target customers’ needs and requirements. Inquire from them if they are following your company and your products on any other social networks and ask how they came to know about you.

2.    Brainstorm With Your Colleagues And Customers

Conduct informal meetings with your colleagues through video calls. You can also involve your customers in brainstorming sessions to get their opinions and discuss ways to improve your products and services. Your customers will be happy to be involved in these types of brainstorming sessions. Through these sessions, everyone gets a chance to give their opinions and suggestions that will definitely benefit the customers and the company itself.

3.    Enhanced Customer Service

With Google Hangouts, you no longer have to keep your customer service limited to e-mail. Using the facility of video calling, you have the opportunity to directly interact with your customers and solve their issues or respond to their complaints regarding a particular product or service. Through video calling, customers will be happy and satisfied that there is someone on the other end of the screen who is ready to listen to their complaint.

4.    Improved Feedback

Through Hangouts, you can easily gain feedback from your customers about a particular product or service. Similar to conducting market research, you can invite your customers to join you in a hangout so that you can be aware of their needs and requirements, and improve your products accordingly.

5.    Make Important Announcements

You can also use Hangouts to make important announcements. Whether you’re launching a new website, opening a new store or coming up with a new product or service, you can easily invite customers to start a hangout about it.