Google Glass, a smart glass developed by Google, was a major breakthrough in eyewear computing technology. It is because previously there were no similar, feature-rich smart glasses available on the board which can provide you with the real-time notifications of your social networks without creating any interference to your natural view.

However, after the inception of Google Glass, other companies and eyewear specialists have also launched smart glasses to give Google competition. These smart glasses have gained more popularity after the news that Google will not be selling the Glass from 19th January, 2015. Due to which, the Glass users will not be able to receive any official update of the Glass Apps.

Google Glass Alternatives

Since Google has stopped selling its smart Glass directly, anyone who is interested in buying Glass have to buy it online from Amazon or other giant online shopping platform. Besides Google Glass, there are other smart glasses available in the market that are up-to-date and providing the same features as that of Google Glass.

In case you are willing to buy a smart glass to get real-time updates of your social media and other online networks, you should try out the given smart glasses. Following smart glasses are some of the feature-rich smart eyewear that can replace Google Glass permanently.

1. Optinvent Ora-1:


Ora-1 is one of the very intelligent eyewear which provides users with the see-through vision and virtual image at a single instant. Dissimilar to other smart glasses, this smart glass is not only feature-rich but lightweight and shatter-proof as well. Moreover, this smart eyewear is the most scalable and inexpensive approach available on the board.

Talking about its applications, it is able to provide hands-free, wireless mobile computing applications including GPS, situation awareness, sports, logistics, messaging and many others. This device can run applications as standalone intelligent eyewear and can connect via Bluetooth and WiFi to any smart gadget. The Ora-1 with such mesmerizing features is available for just $949.

2. Vuzix M100:


Claimed to be world’s first commercially available smart goggles, Vuzix M100 can be said to be the best alternative to Google Glass. There are many things that make it similar to Google Glass such as the operating system. Vuzix M100 runs on the same OS as of Google Glass which is Android. Having 16:9 aspect ratio, this smart eyewear provides its user with 4 GB onboard storage and 1 GB RAM.

Furthermore, it is claimed to have the same processor as of Google Glass which is TI-OMAP 4430 processor. The display and interface of M100’s Android UI is quite impressive with a smoothly floating app screen as you would have seen in an Android smartphone or tablet. Vuzix M100 pair is available for just $1000.

3. MetaPro:


MetaPro Smart Glasses, also known as Spaceglasses, are surely going to be the next-level development in the smart glass industry which is likely to beat Google Glass. Launched in January 2015, this smart eyewear is said to be the most tempting eyewear gadget available in the market. MetaPro is capable of providing users with 3D augmented real-time experience with the computing functionality.

Another thing that makes it better than Google Glass is that it can recognize your hand gestures which allow you to mirror all of your physical devices through holographic projection. For instance, you will have to interact with your laptop with MetaPro, all you have to do is to bring your laptop in its vision area and it will make it a 3D image which can be easily interacted via MetaPro within its display.

The original MetaPro is quite expensive which costs around $3,650. However, developers have also launched another version i.e. Meta.01 which can be easily afforded by smart goggles enthusiastic for just $667.

4. Recon Jet:


Recon Jet is yet another smart eyewear which is specifically meant to cater the needs of a rider or more specifically of a cyclist. This smart pair of glasses is able to measure, record and deliver the important information such as heartbeat rate, distance covered, temperature of the body & atmosphere and route map to the rider in real-time making it easier for him to navigate easily and look after other important things.

Jet is equipped with a dual-core 1GHz processor, polarized lenses, IR glance enabled high resolution display, Bluetooth, WiFi, location-based information receiver, HD camera, microphone, magnetometer, thermometer, altimeter, gyroscope and many more things. In short, the Jet eyewear is equipped with every important feature that a rider may need to perform better in an important event such as Tour De France. This cyclist-specific pair of smart glasses is available for $699.

5. Epson Moverio BT-200:


In case you are looking for a smart glass that can help you see world with entirely changed view, then you must consider using Epson Moverio BT-200. These glasses are more suitable for particular cases such as playing game or watching media on the go.

These glasses come with a touchpad that allows the user to interact with the objects being displayed on its virtual screen. While playing games, you will need to move the head around the pan to control and move the character. This classic pair of smart gaming goggles can be bought for just $699.