Google Adsense is one of the most popular pay-per-click advertisement programs of Google. Many bloggers and website owners sign-up for the Google Adsense account in order to earn money. But keeping the account active is the hardest part since even a minor mistake and can get your account banned or suspended.


Having the account disabled is the biggest nightmare for many Adsense users. The top most reason of the account being disabled is that users do not read the instructions of Google Adsense properly and thus they violate the terms and conditions. Given below are some quick tips that will help users keep their Adsense account from getting banned:

1.    Post good quality content

Be careful when you post content on your site or blog. Make sure it is of good quality and doesn’t contain any copyright material. If you take the material from any other source, make sure you don’t just copy it as it will violate the terms of Google Adsense but make sure it is properly cited. Also, avoid publishing spam-like content because this will make your site look like a low quality website and Adsense can ban you for having a spam website/blog. Google strictly prohibits content that is related to violence or crime, gambling, drugs and profanity.

2.    Never ask others to click on your ads

Another tip for preventing your account from getting suspended is to avoid asking your visitors to click on your Google Adsense advertisements. Encouraging others will not only increase the chances of your account to get banned but will also reduce your earnings from Adsense.

3.    Place your ads properly

Never place your ads near to other links on the website such as games, pop-ups or download links. Always separate the ads in such a way that there is a little space between them and other links on the site or blog.

4.    Prevent clicking on your own ads

Some users click their own ads by mistake or purposely to earn more money. The clicks on the ads are easily tracked by Google, and if Google finds that you’ve clicked your own ad deliberately, it can deactivate your account. You can use AdBlocker to avoid clicking your own ads by mistake.

5.    Prevent invalid clicks on the ads

Another thing that you should do in order to avoid your account from getting disabled is to avoid invalid clicks on your ads. Adsense strictly prohibits invalid clicks on advertisements. Many people frequently click on the same ads, especially if they are integrated into something else or placed near the sharing buttons or hyperlinks. If you’re getting frequent clicks then you should remove the ads right away from your site or blog as it can cause your account to get terminated. Another way to avoid invalid clicks is to locate log files in your server through which you can monitor and track your website activity.

6.    Don’t put too much ads on your website

One more important tip is to avoid putting excessive ads on your website or blog. A page filled with advertisements will make it look all cluttered up.