Alexa is a tool that analyzes web traffic data and other useful elements. It is currently the most authentic data source for getting statistics about a website performance. The Alexa ranks a website by tracking flow of traffic on it. It then arranges the top websites in terms of the traffic figures.


Considering the significance of higher rate of traffic, every online business wants to rank in the top results of alexa. So unless your website shows any positive signs in the analysis of Alexa, it is highly unlikely that it will attract the eyes of potential marketers. Here I will inform you some important rules that Alexa looks into before ranking a website. Check them out:

Include Relevant Information

Be sure that your landing pages are related with the contents of your website. This means that the visitors should presented with the information relevant to the keyword they used to land on your web page. Avoid going off topic from the general area of your industry.

No Broken Links

Always check broken links in your website and correct them. Always make sure that all your web pages are accessible so that the traffic is easily generated to your website.

Use Meta Tags

Search engine identifies contents of a web page with its Meta tags. Meta tags define the web pages to search engines for a relevant keyword. You can use these Meta tags to get the most out of it.

Quality Contents Always Win

Content is the most important factor in a website. The more quality content you create, the more visitors it will attract to your website. Write contents for a variety of topic to attract more readers. Provide informative articles about your products if you own an e-commerce website.

Do Internal Linking

Do internal linking to generate more traffic to certain pages. If you have articles on similar themes, then you can link each other. For example, if you have articles on hair treatments, then you can direct a link to any of your products for treating hairs.

Add Backlinks

Link your website with other websites or blogs that offer similar topics. Comment on websites and blogs that sell similar products. Include your complete profile or author bio on every post you make a comment so that you are easily accessible. Make backlinks with websites that have relevant contents. Be sure that you make backlinks on only high-quality websites.

From the above overview, we can conclude that quality contents and relevance are two major factors when it comes to increasing rankings on Alexa. So if you want to get top Alexa rank, you must implement these important rules in your marketing campaign.