Internet Protocol, in sort IP address, is a unique identity given to your computer by your internet service provider. When you visit a website, the server of that website first checks your IP and then lets you in, if it is allowed. Since the online world is getting tremendously vast these days, there is no doubt that it is getting swarmed with unethical hackers. These individuals steal your identity, i.e., IP address, to conduct their own, abusive experiments on internet such as stealing credit card information, exploiting your system with viruses, etc. Therefore, hiding the IP address is the best way to surf the internet securely and anonymously.


Fortunately, lots of affordable and reliable IP hiding software are available that can be used for anonymous surfing. However, finding the right one can be a little tricky for most people, especially for newbies. Regardless, we have skimmed through the internet to find you some popular IP hiding tools to help you get started with your safe surfing.

(NOTE) Keep in mind, apart from hiding your IP for safe surfing purpose, you can also use these tools to access those websites that are banned in your region.

Easy Hide IP


Easy hide IP doesn’t only allow you to experience a truly hack-free surfing but also empowers you to bypass any censored websites that are restricted by your country, ISP or any other organization. Through this amazing tool, your traffic is directed to remote servers via different routers. This tool makes your online presence completely untraceable, along with all the connections linked to the internet. Through this software you can explore any website without worrying about any restrictions or getting your personal or financial information leaked out.

Cost – $29.95/year


•    700+ IP addresses
•    All connections are encrypted
•    Redirected DNS lookup
•    Privacy and anonymity of the user is protected
•    Randomize IP every (set) time period
•    Choose any desired location

Hide My IP Address

hide my ip address

Hide my IP address is simple, affordable and powerful software for getting past any websites you like while keeping your presence in a complete stealth mode. The best feature of this software is its speed and efficiency. When you open up your browser for safe surfing, you can instantly turn on your untraceable mode with a single click. They have fast servers that allow you to surf without any time-out or slow-browsing problems. Moreover, hide my IP address doesn’t require any hectic or time-consuming installation since it is easy to set up and get started.

Cost – $29.95/year


•    2,500+ secured servers
•    Instantly Hide IP
•    Erase web history or logs automatically
•    Quick installation (no hassle)
•    24/7 customers support
•    Refund guarantee

Hide Your IP Address


It is another great tool that helps you stop the hackers from penetrating to your real identity, round-the-clock. With this software, you can immediately change not only your IP address but your location as well for a complete safe browsing experience. Moreover, you can also enter those websites or pages that are not accessible through your real IP address due to regional-ban. The best feat of this software is that it gives you the ability to erase your internet activity with just one click so that no one can keep tab on your online activities.

Cost – $99.95/year


•    Change your IP or Location with a single click
•    Get past censored websites or pages
•    Anonymous proxies available
•    Hacker-proof surfing
•    Auto-delete surfing logs or history
•    Lifetime support

Hide My Ass Pro VPN


Hide my ass is a very popular anonymous surfing tool, known to every savvy internet user. Apart from providing you with a web-based surfing application, it also provides a premium tool as well that comes with more fantastic features than the free version. The pro account gives you a lot more IP addresses that you can be used for anonymous browsing. The tool makes your internet connection completely encrypted once it is activated. The highly-encrypted internet connection makes it impossible for any hacker to break into your system. Luckily, you don’t have to be a savvy user or a geek to use this software as it comes with simple UI and functions.

Cost – $78.66/year


•    Over 49,000 IP addresses
•    Unlimited bandwidth
•    410 servers in 55 countries
•    Compatible on multiple devices
•    Round-the-clock and friendly support
•    30-day money-back assurance

Hide the IP


Just like most IP hiding software, hide the IP is also very affordable and comes with all the important features that can allow you to browse the internet in a secure manner. With this tool, you can not only surf the World Wide Web anonymously but also send and receive emails in a completely incognito mode. The software also allows you to change the physical location of your IP to any place you want. This way you can keep your activities completely safe and secured while you browse. In addition to that you can also bypass forbidden websites without breaking a sweat at all.

Cost – $29.95/year


•    Availability of Hundreds of IP addresses
•    256 Bit SSL support (platinum package)
•    100mb speed (platinum package)
•    Firewall protection
•    Fast anonymous surfing
•    Round-the-clock technical support

Hide My IP


Hide my IP is the name that doesn’t require much introduction since it is already very popular among majority of users. If you want to roam around the internet in incognito, get past restricted websites and keep your activities anonymous behind the server logs, hide my IP is the tool you should try. Just hit the “Hide IP” button whenever you want to browse anonymously. Moreover, you can instantly change the IP address whenever you desire. You can also turn on the automatic IP change feature so that the tool can automatically change your address in every few minutes.

Cost – $29.95/year


•    Fully encrypted internet connection
•    Anonymous emailing and web surfing
•    Easy access to restricted forums and message boards
•    Protect identity and surf without any worry
•    Good customer support
•    Fast and reliable

Platinum Hide IP


Although this software is listed in the 7th number, but its powerful features shouldn’t be underestimated by that. Platinum hide IP empowers you to bypass any banned websites at your will. Once activated, it makes your internet connection completely secure via high-level encryption. Check out the key features of this software and experience its true power.

Cost – $49.90/year


•    Hide IP quickly forever
•    Choose over dozens of IPs from different countries
•    Support via email
•    Send anonymous emails
•    Complete identity protection
•    Anonymous internet surfing

Proxy Shell Hide IP


Proxy shell hide IP is also not a “no-namer” when it comes to listing the top IP hiding tools. Though the package offered by this software may seem a little expensive than the rest of the tools, but the amazing features of this tool make it worth the price. The important feat of this software is that it allows you to use up to 10 different IP addresses simultaneously. Thus, it gives you the ability to go completely incognito and bypass all restrictions without any hassle at all.

Cost – $45/year


•    Use 10 proxies simultaneously
•    US/UK/Canada/Netherland proxy servers
•    Customizable surfing policies
•    Complete surfing encryption
•    Compatible with major browsers
•    Get Proxyshell VPN service free