Writing can sometimes be a challenging task especially when you encounter a writer’s block. Writer’s block is a condition in which the writer has loss of words or is not able to produce or continue his piece of writing. As writers, we all fall prey to ‘the block’ many times, and it’s a fact that even the best writers face it at some point or the other. So, you don’t need to get annoyed if it has happened with you.


Having a loss of words can cause headaches and make the writer irritated and annoyed over a topic. Although overcoming a writer’s block can be a great challenge, especially when you have some blog writing to do, you can get over it by following some of the useful tips given below. These tips will help unblock the writer in you:

i.    Research: A very important thing to do when you’re stuck with words. Researching for information related to your blog will help create an article in your own writing style. It will allow you to provide updated information to your readers about a particular topic.

ii.    Brainstorm: Go for a walk and brainstorm ideas for ten minutes. While walking, don’t think about your previous ideas. Notice the environment around you. Allow your mind to think something new and creative for your writing task. After you return from the walk, you might find yourself inspired enough to write something new. You can also brainstorm with your friends, family or your dear ones to get their opinions on your topic. Brainstorming will help your creative juices to flow and will enable you to focus more on the topic.

iii.    Reading: This is one of the most obvious and the most important technique for overcoming writer’s block. Read various blogs and articles online related to the subject matter of your topic. Reading and analyzing about the topic you’re writing about will help you get some ideas and enable you to think creatively. The purpose is not to copy but simply to get ideas for your topic. Once you read along the lines and focus on the writing style of the author, your mind will be engaged in the refined content and you will be able to punch the writer’s block in the face!

iv.    Make notes: Making notes will also help prevent writer’s block to a great extent. Relax and keep a notebook with yourself so that whenever any ideas conjure up in your mind, you can write them down immediately. You’ll notice soon that you’ve gathered many ideas for your topic. Then, whenever you encounter with the writer’s block, simply have a look at your notes and refresh those ideas which you’ve written. If you have an iPad, you can jot down notes over there too. Your notes can include anything from a simple sentence to a paragraph that can help you write your article.

v.    Guest posts: Another great way of overcoming writer’s block is reading a guest post for a blog. Read guest post articles that are relevant to the theme of the blog you are working on to get some inspirations.

vi.    Topic selection: Finding a new topic for the next post or article is another great headache that writer’s often experience. To get past this block, you need to use some tools like Topsy to replenish your idea inventory.