When it comes to efficient delivery of information, there is nothing better than infographics. The most common medium to deliver information is text-based but it consumes a lot of time and energy. On the other hand, infographic has the capability of summing up and deliver your ideas and information you have explained in a 1000 word post through a compact visual image.

Free Inforgraphics Tools

The only reason why people prefer explaining their ideas through text is either they do not have sufficient technical knowledge of operating infographic making tools or they need to purchase those tools. However, following are some easy-to-use and free tools which can be used to create infographic easily.

1. Visual.ly:

Visual.ly is a cool infogrpahic making tool to create genuine visual content for your brand. With this tool, you cannot only create visuals for your website but you can also share them on your social media profiles and pages directly. You can also join its designing community of more than 30,000 professional designers to get help on whatever topic you want regarding the design of your infographic.

2. Infogr.am:

Infogr.am is yet another great tool that can be used to create infographic for your website for free. Some of its awesome designing features that compel people to use it are Interactive and Responsive, Real-Time Data and Download and Embed. With its interactive and responsive feature, you can let your data dance and engage your readers more than ever. With real-time data option, you can sync live data source to the infographics you have created on it. Download and embed allows you to download your infographics and incorporate it any document you want. Due to these magnificent features, more than 2.5 million infographics have already been created using this free tool.

3. Piktochart:

If you want to create infographics like a pro for free, then there is no tool that can beat Piktochart. This tool is quite easy-to-use as it comes with a step-by-step guide. There are thousands of templates available on this platform which you can edit according to your needs. Similar to Visual.ly, you can create and share your infographics directly to social media networks with this tool. Unlike to other tools, it can easily be integrated with Evernote and Slideshare. Also the categorized icons and resizable canvases will make creation of infographics easier for you.

4. Google Developers:

Another great tool to convey your ideas and information via visual image is chart of Google Developers. This tool has a user-friendly interface and a wide range of charts which can be used to create infographic that match look and feel of your site. Similar to Infogr.am, it also give you freedom to connect live data source to your infographics.

5. Easel.ly:

Easel.ly is another powerful web-based tool that can be used to develop infographics for free. There are hundreds of sample templates available which you can edit according to your needs and give them a unique look and feel. Along with the templates, there is a wide range of arrows, connector lines and shapes that you can incorporate in your infographic. Also, you can customize your text by changing its font face, size and color and add graphics to it.

6. Infographicreator  Newly Added!

Infographic Creator is, though, a new entrant in the already-brimming infographic community, it sure does offer some powerful features that make it a “Must-Have” tool. The tool offers a user-friendly, intuitive UI that allows the user to present insightful data with ease. The users can opt for any of the 5 default templates, customize them as they see fit, use charts/graphs to illustrate data, and do much, much more. Best of all, users can get access to some added features of the tool by subscribing to their Pro version which starts at an incredible low price.