There is no doubt at all that it is very hard to find things that you can get for free. However, there are still few things that you can easily get without spending a single sent out of your pocket and one of them is web hosting.

Free Hosting Providers

Yes, there are various companies that provide free hosting for websites so that the ones who cannot afford to pay but still want to host their website can easily manage to do that. If you are the one who is facing hardship in paying the monthly hosting, then you must pick up one of the following free providers.

1. FreeHostingeu:

FreeHostingeu provides free hosting without any advertisement. You will get disk space of 200 Mb and bandwidth of 4000 Mb per month. It supports PHP 4, MySQL 5, PHP 5, FRP and Webmail access, online file manager and other valuable features that you may wish to have. Furthermore, you will also be rewarded with 5 free sub domain names when you sign up free hosting account on it.

2. provides ads-free, business class hosting for websites. It offers more disk space i.e. 250 Mb and bandwidth up to 5000 Mb per month. It serves and supports MySQL, PHP 4 & 5, WordPress, POP3 account, CGI, FTP enabled and other outstanding features. You will also get a free domain with a short “” extension when you will sign up for a free hosting account on it.


You are expected to have a wonderful experience with The disk space you will get with it is quite small as compared to others i.e. 100 Mb. However, the bandwidth you will get is quite reasonable i.e. 3000 Mb. The downside of having hosting with it is that it will display forced ads on your website –ads from the web hosting provider. It has many astounding features such as FrontPage and FTP support, PHP/MySQL, efficient password protection and many others.

4. is known for providing web hosting which is not free only but also environment friendly. Similar to, it provides web space of 250 Mb and 5 Gb bandwidth for free, per month. It supports MySQL, PHP 5, WordPress, CGI and other outstanding features, as well.

5. Zymic:

Zymic is another top-end free web hosting provider that provides a huge disk space of 6000 Mb. Similar to other renowned hosting providers, it supports PHP 4 & 5, MySQL, WordPress, CGI, POP3 account, FTP enabled and other advanced features.

6. Hosting Engine:

Last but not the least is Hosting Engine that provides ads-free, reliable hosting. All you need to do is to sign up a free account and you will get 250 Mb disk space and 5 Gb bandwidth per month. Similar to others, it supports MySQL, PHP 5, WordPress, CGI and some other advanced hosting features.


All of the above are reliable, free hosting providers. However, you are suggested to do your homework before picking up any of them which simply means that you need to compare the above service providers with each other to find which one suit you best according to your needs.