Niche blogging is the most effective blogging trend that most of the bloggers are following right now. In niche blogging, you have to select a particular audience or market and stick to it. However, finding a suitable or, more appropriately, a profitable niche is the most critical thing for a startup blogger. In case you have not researched and picked up a wrong topic, all your efforts and time that you are investing in writing and managing blog will be wasted.

How To Find A Profitable Niche

Therefore, finding a profitable topic is the utmost thing. There are no particular ways that can help you find a good niche. However, following are some ways which have helped bloggers in doing so and they may also help you in finding a profitable niche for your blog.

1. Know The Basics Of Niche Market:

The first and foremost thing that you will have to know is the basics of niche market. There are several things that you should be able to distinguish before you decide to select a topic for your blog. Talking about niche, there are three main types of it Niche, Sub-Niche and Micro Niche.

A niche is basically a broader topic such as ‘mobile accessories’, a sub-niche is a segment of broader topic such as ‘mobile accessories of HTC’ and a micro niche is a narrowed and too much focused topic such as ‘mobile accessories of HTC for girls’. So, before you decide to pick up a topic for your blog, make sure that you know either it is niche, sub-niche or micro niche.

2. Pick Up A Topic You Are Passionate About:

Since, niche blogging is too much focused on a particular topic, therefore, the chances are you will feel exhausted after few months. Why? It is because there are limitations to the topics within the niche especially if you are not much aware of it. However, if you have chosen a niche you are passionate about, then the chances are you will find something to write on it whenever you sit to compose a blog post.

3. Research Your Niche Ideas:

It is obvious that you will be passionate about something and therefore you will have some ideas about the niche you are willing to select for your blog. A beeter way to finalize your niche is to run your ideas through different keyword tools. Among all keyword tools out there, Google keyword tool and Wordtracker are two most efficient tools to analyze different aspects of keywords such as monthly searches, long-tail keywords, global and specific region searches, worth of ads displayed on those keywords, etc. Therefore, make the most of these free keywords researching tools before you finally decide to go with a niche and I am sure that you will find a profitable topic for blogging.


There is one more thing that you will have to keep in mind is that you should keep on working on your blog. It is because you can never determine whether a niche is profitable or not unless you have put all your efforts in.