Virtual-assistant technology has emerged as a unique trend and become famous among the smart users for the way it smartly handles and resolves queries of the users instantaneously. Although, it is mainly used for getting possible solutions of the problems, but it has capability of doing more than just answering your questions.

According to news published on USAToday, in August 2015, “The teen was stuck under the truck barely able to move his body and hands then he suddenly heard Siri (a virtual assistant by Apple) and with the help of it, he called 911 which then came to rescue him. This way, Siri saved his life”.

Facebook Virtual Assistant M

Similar to many other tech-giants such as Apple, Microsoft and Google, Facebook has also entered in the virtual assistant market with ‘M’. ‘M’ is the latest virtual assistant rolled into the tech market by Facebook which is considered to be a tough competitor to the virtual assistants of the aforementioned tech-giants, Siri, Cortana and Now respectively.

Apple’s Siri, Mircosoft’s Cortana and Google’s Now hardly have some different features from the other. However, Facebook has claimed that its virtual assistant is entirely different from the rest of the virtual assistants. Facebook has integrated ‘M’ services into its Messenger app.

Let’s have a look at the things that you should know about Facebook ‘M’ before you start using it.

  1. Doesn’t Rely On Bots Only:

Dissimilar to all of the aforementioned virtual assistants, Facebook ‘M’ doesn’t only rely on the technology and has human trainers to help out users. M trainers are the experienced men who will be recruited to provide exceptional help to the customers. The reason why it comes with human trainers is that only a human can understand the language and emotions of other human. So, with the human at the other end, the chances are you will get satisfactory results out of the virtual assistant.

  1. Make Transactions Easier For People:

Different from other virtual assistants, Facebook M is committed to make transactions easier for people calling via cable companies. For this purpose, the company has started talking with different businesses and organizations that are willing to furnish requests received through M. This will not only help Facebook generate more revenue but also help user by solving their needs more conveniently.

According to David Marcus, vice president of messaging products at Facebook,

“We are able to identify your intentions for what you want to do. More desire and intentions by the people to make purchases or perform transactions with ease at your own convenience via M opens opportunities for us also to increase our revenue with time.”

  1. Shows Specific Results For The User:

Unlike to Cortana and Google Now, it neither shows relevant results nor gives any suggestions on its own for the queries submitted by user. It only displays specific results to the queries of users and the questions asked. For instance, if you are using Google Now, it will give you suggestions like the weather, updates of your favorite company, score of your favorite match, etc. However, Facebook M remains focused on delivering the specific results. So, if the relevant results bother you, then you will be surely going to love Facebook M.

  1. Actually Gets The Tasks Done:

Similar to every other virtual assistant, Facebook M sends reminder of the tasks that needs to be done. However, it is not limited to telling users headlines of the day but can really help out users with their daily tasks. Users can now reserve a table in a hotel for dinner or even get lined up virtually in the bill paying queue using Facebook M which makes it really an efficient virtual assistant.

  1. Not Available To All Users:

At this point of time, Facebook M is not made available to all users yet and can only be used on the smartphones in Bay Area, California. The users who are given access to this app can tap a new button in messenger for directly sending a request to M. The users are not sure whether it is a software or humans who are helping them out with their needs but most of the users, who are fortunate to get access, are happy with it. More will be revealed when the users, all over the world, will be given access to this virtual assistant.

Final Verdict:

During the testing, Facebook staff has used it for various purposes, from purchase of the products to table reservation in a hotel, and Facebook M has done everything quite well. Therefore, it can be concluded that this will be going to make a lot of difference in our lives by doing hectic tasks like event organization, making orders of products and services, product testing and much more on our behalf. So, if you want to get some burden off your shoulders, then you must consider using Facebook M.