There is a not a single soul on this planet who isn’t familiar with the leading social-media giant Facebook, most popularly known as Fb. Facebook enjoys a huge number of internet-savvy users than any other social media networks there are, i.e., over 1.8 billion users.

On April 21st, facebook introduced its new, slightly-retouched logo. If you have been observing Facebook’s never-ending updates like a true follower – like new timeline, new user-interface, graph search, etc – then you must have noticed a slight change in its logo.

fb logo

Giving a brand-identity a complete or slight makeover isn’t really a big deal. Prominent brands all over the world – Microsoft, Pepsi, etc – do it from time to time to allow the brand-identity cope with latest trends and mostly importantly of all, to keep the company’s image vibrant and everlasting. This is the reason, after a whole decade Facebook finally decided to give its brand-identity a simpler and cleaner look by removing the transparent blue line from under its popular “F” symbol and merging the symbol with the bottom-edge of the box.


The new Fb logo redefines the motto of the company and enhances the user experience and engagement by refocusing its goals. Their intention is to lead their worldwide users towards a more engaging platform where they can live their moments.

Apart from giving its old brand-identity a new makeover, Fb also introduced some new icons for its different pages as well…


As we can clearly see that Fb wants to use the blue background as its main color to match with the overall theme of the website. Nonetheless, the new changes are giving the platform a more consistent or to be exact a harmonized look and feel.

Last week, Facebook introduced its twitter-like feature: “verified badges”. The intention of this new feature is to give the prominent brands or individuals more exposure by distinguishing their profiles and pages with a unique badge. All these recent developments mark the primary goal of Fb, i.e., they want to emerge as a true streamline among all the social media networks. Looks like in the days to the come, we’ll see more features and developments from the leading social-media: Facebook.