Social media websites bring together a large audience on a single platform. This offers fantastic opportunities for those people who want to make money through these online channels. Facebook is one such social media channel that has the potential to return high earnings to investors. The earning opportunities that Facebook offer are more diversified than other social media platforms. It has features that allow both the seasonal businessmen and entrepreneur to generate revenue. So if you are someone who wants to generate considerable revenue with Facebook then you have landed at the right place.


In this article, I have listed some popular ways you can earn money with Facebook. Let us discuss how you can go about:

Advertise Your Product


Facebook has over 400 million accounts which make it a commercially viable platform to do business. You can sell your products on Facebook by creating a page of your company and reach a wider audience who may buy your product.

Once you have created a Facebook page of your business, you can also easily make contacts with your target customers. Use interactive games and gifts to maximize the likes of your page.

Be sure to update your page on daily basis so that the maximum people get updated with your products/services.  This will allow you to keep your customer informed about the latest products launch, news and events of your company.

Facebook as an Online Store


Facebook can be a great place for e-commerce. With Facebook, you can easily trade products by making it an online shopping store. So now you do not need to own a website in order to trade products as you can do it with a single Facebook business profile. Besides, you can easily manage your Facebook page by putting or replacing products and their prices.

Make your online store appealing and trendy. Be sure all your products are accessed easily. Provide detailed product description. Do not clutter your page or make it complicated with unnecessary multimedia elements.

Facilitate the customers with help regarding a product. Employ different personnel to provide customer support service to your clients.

Earning Opportunities for Graphic Designers


As with a website, a cover page is the most strategic element in a Facebook business page. So if you are a professional graphic designer, you have higher chances to earn some good money.

Many online companies spend money on creating high-quality cover page because they know the cover page will attract more customers to their website. Besides the overall cost of maintaining a fan page is much lower than running a website. So they are willing to pay any amount to graphic designers to create quality cover pages, making it a golden opportunity for designer to make money.

Social Media Jobs


You can earn money using Facebook by supervising the business pages of companies. Nowadays, companies hire professional social media persons to look after their fan pages. They hire ‘social media managers’ to manage their social media accounts.

Social media managers are responsible for updating status of social media fan pages and interacting with the customers about a product. In addition, the social media manager needs to generate ‘likes’ for the ‘fan page’ of a company as well as provide feedback and answers for any queries of the customers. With every business creating a Facebook page, it is a high time for social media workers to make some handsome amount.