Facebook, the biggest of all social networks, is highly popular in the online world for introducing interesting features for its users so that they don’t get bored using the same old Facebook for all their lifelong. In the initial stages, it was only a platform where people can become friends with strangers, exchange information and chat with each other. However, with the passage of time, it has expanded in many directions such as empowering the users to build a free online shop, fan page, send and receive documents, and do many more things with it.

Facebook Live vs periscope vs meerkatIt has been less than a year that online streaming has become a buzzing word in the online world and after the launch of Periscope, live streaming service by Twitter, and Meerkat, a mobile app for live broadcasting, it does not seem to get slow down any time soon. Similar to other tech giants, Facebook was also working on this feature and introduced this feature during the first week of August, 2015 with the name ‘Live’.

On the launch of this app, some of the famous celebrities like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Serena Williams, Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque, Luke Brian, Martha Stewart and others have done live broadcasting with their fans and get an overwhelming response. With the overwhelming response and positive feedback from the users and viewers, Facebook Live has become a strong threat to live streaming services mentioned above.

Following are some reasons why Facebook Live is better than Periscope and Meerkat.

  • Gives More Exposure Than Any Other Social Media Platform:

When you are broadcasting, you want it to be seen by everyone who is connected with you in any way. Talking about Twitter’s Periscope and Meerkat, celebrities and other public figures are likely to have very small number of people connected with them on these two services as compared to their official Facebook Fan Page.

Therefore, broadcasting via Facebook Live will help them get more views than any of the other two live streaming services. Moreover, with post Boost feature, you can reach to the people who are even not connected to your page.

  • Sends Notifications To Page Subscribers:

Another thing that makes Facebook Live feature better than Periscope and Meerkat is that it sends Push Alerts to all people connected to your Facebook Fan Page. The moment you will start broadcasting, a notification will be sent to all active users, who have interacted with your page recently, about your broadcast.

This way, it maximizes the chances that all your fans will connect with you while you are broadcasting. Whereas no push alerts are sent to the people connected with you on Periscope and Meerkat. This is the reason why very small portion of audience connected on these services is able to view your broadcast.

  • Videos Don’t Get Deleted Automatically:

Different from Meerkat, on which the video gets deleted as soon as it is streamed, and Periscope, on which the video gets deleted after 24 hours, Facebook Live makes the video available for the audience as long as the broadcaster does not want to delete it. When asked the reason why Facebook has made the live-streamed videos available to be played back in future, here’s what Vadim Lavrusik, manager of Facebook Live, has said,

“More than 50 percent video views on Facebook come from re-shares. Therefore, it was important to make video available for users even when broadcast ends.”

  • Notifies About Friends Who Are Viewing The Same Broadcast:

One of the many things that makes Facebook Live more user-friendly as compared to Meerkat and Periscope is that it notifies a user viewing a broadcast about his/her friends who are viewing the same. This way, the users cannot only get to know the friends in their social circle having the same interest, but also gives them an opportunity to share their experience, comments and feedbacks about a particular broadcast which all of them have viewed.

  • Offers Improvised Commenting Experience:

Last but not the least feature that gives Facebook Live edge over the other two live streaming services is its improvised commenting experience. Public figures are likely to have hundreds of thousands of fans on their Facebook page and most of them, with the above mentioned features like Push Alerts, will be viewing their broadcast and commenting at the same time.

In order to avoid broadcaster being overwhelmed by tons of comments on its live stream, Facebook has kept a readable pace for the comments. Moreover, Facebook has given broadcaster the freedom to turn off the comments while broadcasting to enjoy the experience of live broadcasting with millions of fans. Either you have enabled or disabled the commenting feature; the comments sent by viewers will be shown as a traditional reel under the video.

Final Verdict:

The given above features are some handpicked ones and there’s a lot more that makes Facebook Live better than Meerkat and Periscope. Since, this feature is in its initial stages; Facebook has added the ‘Live’ app in its ‘Mention App’ library only which is only for verified page owners be it a public figure, sportsman, entrepreneur, businessmen, film star, politician, etc. This means that the average Facebook users have to wait a bit to get their hands on the live broadcast feature. Till then, they can simply enjoy watching and commenting on the broadcasts of their favorite celebrity.