Facebook, the social media giant, is known for introducing interactive features and innovation. It has been integrating different features to provide its users with something new before they begin to get bored with it. From simple fan pages to online shops, Facebook is now equipped with every possible feature that you can get on internet.

During last six to seven months, online streaming or live streaming has become the hottest trend in the online world which does not seem to get slow as of other trends. Recently, live streaming feature introduced by Meerkat and Periscope, Facebook has also launched the feature couple of weeks ago on August 5, 2015 and named it ‘Live’.

Facebook Live Streaming Feature

While it is an interesting feature that Facebook users were looking for so long to have their hands on, it is a threat to the small players like Meerkat and Periscope as people will stop signing-up for these apps separately. As a result of it, their market share will be reduced and they will not be able to get much out of this feature.

However, there is a restriction made to the ‘Live’ service. The service is initially made a part of the Mention apps, apps that are allowed to be used or can be integrated on verified Facebook Pages only. As a result of this restriction, only celebs and stars will be given the full control of this service and other users can enjoy whatever streaming is integrated on the verified Facebook pages they have liked.

Why Facebook Live and Not Meerkat and Periscope?

Following are the few distinguished features that verified users can only have on Facebook and not at any other platform.

Videos Don’t Get Deleted:

Talking about Meerkat, once the video is streamed, it will not remain there and gets deleted automatically. Other than Meerkat, there is Periscope which has taken a step forward by making the video available once it is streamed. However, the availability of video is limited to 24 hours only and it will not available for viewers after 24 hours.

However, when it comes to Facebook Live, verified users do not have to worry about this thing as the video will remain there as long as the user does not delete it himself. According to Live product manager Vadim Lavrusik,

“More than 50 percent video views on Facebook come from re-shares. Therefore, it was important to make video available for users even when broadcast ends.”

More Fans Than Any Other Social Network:

Another factor which gives edge to Facebook Live feature over other similar live streaming services is the audience. Almost every public figure is likely to have their verified page on Facebook with tons of likes and following. Therefore, they do not need to put extra effort to see wider audience.

Push Alerts To Active Subscribers:

To make sure that every single subscriber can tune live stream of his favorite public figure, Facebook has gone to the next step of newsfeed. Before it will appear in the newsfeed of subscriber, a push alert will be sent to the user so that he won’t miss a single thing of his favorite celeb’s live broadcast.

However, the push alerts will initially be sent to only subscribers who have recently interacted with a particular page they have subscribed. So, make sure to be an active fan of your admiring public figure to receive push alerts from Facebook.

Refined Commenting Experience:

Dissimilar to Meerkat and Periscope, Facebook has spent most of its time on refining the commenting experiencing, comments that are displayed on the live stream to the broadcaster. To make sure that broadcaster is not overwhelmed by the comments, they are displayed at a readable pace.

Other than the pace, Facebook allows broadcasters to turn comments altogether and enjoy their experience of live broadcasting with millions of their fans. However, once the live broadcast is over, the comments will be shown similarly to a traditional reel below the video.

Friendly ‘Live’ Shows:

Other than refined live streaming experience, there is much more in it. To give Live shows a friendly experience, Facebook has integrated a feature which notifies viewers that his friend, who has subscribed to the same public figure page, has started watching the live streaming. Similarly, the broadcaster will be notified when other public figure will start watching his live streaming.


Although Facebook Live comes with such cool features that are hard to find in any other live streaming service, there are users who might be bitter just because they cannot use this feature. However, the reason why it has arrived with ‘Verified Users Only’ restriction is to prevent users from getting bored of this feature. So, other Facebook users are suggested to keep patience for some time and they may be able to access this feature soon.