On May 29, 2013, Facebook began integrating “verified” badges on high-profile accounts and pages. The news was first uncovered by TechCrunch and later spread like fire among savvy facebook users and other online communities.

Although, the newest feature of Facebook is simply a pure copy of Twitter’s “verified feature” with the same badge as Twitter’s, it can surely distinguish pages of prominent brands and high-profile people from fake ones. Thus, this feature can give authoritative pages a prominent place of their own in the facebook community.


According to Fb, the badges have been granted to only a handful of high-profile figures like prominent brands, famous celebrities or government officials. They further said that they will soon award the “verified” badges to profiles as well.

However, unlike Twitter where the user can submit a request for the badge, Facebook user can’t apply for badges as these emblems are awarded automatically. Though it is not confirmed yet how the social-media giant goes about distributing these badges but for now it is certain that only those pages get the badge which have high number of following.

The Fb community has also added a new section in its help center where users can learn more about the “verified” badges. Moreover, if users use the cursor to hover over the badge, it can provide additional information about the verification.

With recent developments like introducing badges and subscription feature, Facebook is showing that it also wants to be a broadcasting channel where users can share news and information source round-the-clock just like in Twitter. It is expected that Facebook will introduce new features in future as well that can help it in achieving this goal.

So, if you also want to have your own “verified badge” on your Fb page or profile, you’d better start earning more followers and likes now.