When it comes to engaging your existing fans on a Facebook fan page, there are various techniques and strategies that you can implement to get your desired goals achieved. One of the most amazingly effective methods that can help you with your fan page is running a contest.

It is because a contest not only helps you engage your existing fan base but also helps you attract more and more people to your fan page. A decade back, running a contest was a bit difficult since there were no easy and efficient ways to plan a contest, let alone run it.

Facebook Contest Apps

However, there are, now, plenty of Facebook contest apps available which you can use to easily integrate contest in your fan page. Given below are some of the most effective apps available over the internet for running contest on Facebook page.

1. Instant-Win:

Instant-Win is a really cool app which is most widely used for integrating contest in Facebook fan page. It is an easy to use and easy to setup app which works like a slot machine. Its mechanism let the users know whether they have won or not on immediate basis and encourage them to try their luck again.

This encouraging feature helps the page owner attracts more people thus assist in gaining more fans. Features like automatically award codes, discount coupons on like, sharing your offer among social circle to try winning are found very effective in increasing number of fans. So, if you really want to engage and increase your existing fan base, then you must try this app.

2. ShortStack

ShortStack is yet another great application to integrate contest in your Facebook page. Creating, running and managing contest on your fan page with ShortStack is as easy as pie. This app has a lot of different features which will help you make your contest more attractive and engaging. All you need to do is to set this app up, create contest and engage your existing fans as well as gain more for your page.

3. Vote Contest App:

One of the most effective contest apps which you can use to engage fan base of your official Facebook page is none other than Vote Contest App. Developed by Wishpond, it is a feature-rich app which gives you freedom to design contest on your own which means that you can add your desired color, plugin, themes, and filters in the contest you are creating.

Unlike to other apps, this app has built in social sharing plugins which makes it easier for people to share, tweet, comments and pin among their social circles. With CSS editor enabled, you can edit fonts and text as well. All in all, it is a great app for creating customized contest to engage and attract existing and new audience to become fan of your page.

4. Photo Contest:

Last but not the least on our list of Facebook contest apps is Photo contest. We all know that pictures plays vital role in engaging customers. Therefore, it can be predicted that running a photo-based contest will be of help to engage existing audience as well as attract more people to like your fan page. Effectiveness of the contest you are running can be measured with the detailed reports generated in real-time which allows you to re-configure the voting parameters according to your needs.