The Social Media Giant is introducing its own Chat Rooms feature to hook and retain more users for encouraging heavy engagement on its social platform.

First confirmed by TechCrunch and later by CNET, Facebook is testing out its own chat room features to attract, but most importantly retain, more users to its platform, though the main demographic will probably be the younger users.


According to the sources of TechCrunch, the chat room feature will be accessible from the “Update Status” area. The user can create a chat room by clicking the “Host Chat Room” and add any friends in the chat room. The best part is that other users can easily join in the conversation without the need of any invitation. For instance, if a user is notified through the news feed that a friend or friend of friend has hosted a chat room for any specific purpose, he can join without invitation.

Facebook will use the immense power of its new feed to enhance the social engagement in its chat rooms by spreading the hosting throughout the community of friends and friends of friends. Given that it is a user-hosted chat room, the user can set the privacy level for the chat room as well to limit who can join in the discussion or not.

Though chat rooms offer a great variety of IRRELEVANT topics but it is the irrelevant-nature of the topic that generates more discussions among the younger users, for them it is fun. By keeping this point in mind, Facebook is planning to roll out this feature with the intention of attracting to its platform those users who have to use other messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Viber to connect with friends.

To get more information about the Host Chat Room features of Facebook, check out the TechCrunch news.