Call-to-action is usually presented in web copies, ad copies or any other transcript that acts as a sales pitch. Its purpose is to compel the audience to purchase or utilize any product or service that you are offering. There is no doubt that it is one of the toughest tasks for a marketer and there are several things that he has to look at very carefully to exploit his web traffic.


Unfortunately, most of the marketers do not know the mistakes that they should avoid. Consequently, they have to face unfavorable results. In order to get the favorable results, you must read and elude the following mistakes.

1.    Don’t Lie To Your Visitors:

The first and most important mistake that you should not make while calling your audience to action is telling them a lie. You may have seen many websites that offers you something for free. However, when you click on that button or link, it will take you to the page in which you will have to fill the general information as well as your credit card or bank account information.

Have you filled out the credit card information and paid the money for the thing that they were giving you for free few seconds ago? Most probably, you have not paid for such false promising offer. Therefore, you must tell your visitors what you are offering and what they have to pay for it. False promising would leave you empty handed and ruin all your efforts.

2.    Making It Hard To Locate:

You should not hide your call to action in words, images or headings and should make it prominent and visible to your visitors. Try to write using large fonts, attractive typeface and tempting colors. Also, pin it somewhere on the page that your visitors do not have to scroll. Making it hard to locate is similar to not including it on your website.

3.    Not Exciting Your Users To Click:

Another thing that you must not forget is to excite your users to click on the link that is your call to action. There are several ways that you can use to excite them. However, the one and the most prominent thing that can help you do it is to tell them what it has for them or the advantages that they will get out of it. Give them a reason to respond to your call. Making it dull by using such clichés like click here, download, read more, etc will compel them to refuse it.

4.    Making It Hard To Understand:

One of the most severe mistakes that can ruin your efforts is to make your call to action hard to understand for your audience. It is not ample to make it big and attractive only. You will have to make it understandable too.

It is because most of the users have a busy schedule and they do not have enough time to think and understand what you are asking them to do. Therefore, it should be written in such a way that, even, a layman can easily understand what you are asking him to do.

5.    Asking For Too Many Acts In A Single Call:

The last and one of the biggest blunders is to ask your user to do too many things at an instant. Such as, asking them to click on ads, responding to call to action, connecting to social media profiles and subscribing to news letter. Be wise and only emphasize your audience to do one thing only at a time. Asking them to do several things will paralyze them and compel them to leave your web immediately.