Slideshare is a powerful sharing website where users share their slide shows or PowerPoint presentations related to business, marketing, education, etc. It is one of the largest content-sharing communities on the Internet. Many businesses take advantage of this effective tool to promote their products and services and attract customers. On this website, users simply create a slide show, tag it with the right keywords and generate huge amounts of traffic.


Nowadays, it has become really important to add visual elements in your content to generate traffic. Through Slideshare, users choose visual elements such as video links, photos or graphics and add them into their content to attract millions of visitors each month. Here are some ways you can use Slideshare to generate more traffic:

i.    Select a topic in which you’re specialized

Slideshare uses visual elements to attract the target audience. When creating slides, you must add content that meets the needs and requirements of users. It is also important that you must be specialized in the subject matter of the topic on which you’re creating your slides. If you choose topics in which you’re an expert, you’ll be able to reach your target audience easily through your content and attract more users.

ii.    Fill out the required information

Fill out all the attributes such as the title, descriptions and tags. The title is the most important of all since it is also the URL of your presentation. Also make sure that you use all the tags properly that are related to your keywords.

iii.    Create a catchy title

Before reading the content, the audience first looks at your title. So, in order to capture their attention, you have to make your title slide as attractive and easy to read as you can. Create such a title that attracts the audience within seconds. The title will convey to the audience whether or not your content is worth reading.

iv.    Insert useful links

Another way of generating traffic is to insert as many links of important websites within the slides as possible. The purpose is not to overstuff all the links, but to add only those links that are relevant to the content.

v.    Use social media

You can easily connect Slideshare to different social media websites and blogs. Insert your slideshow into a post or upload it on your own website or blog so that more and more people can share it. People can upload your slides on their Facebook profile and share it with others. If your slideshow receives a lot of shares on the very first day you’ve created it, Slideshare will display your slideshow on the home page of the website. The more the views and share, the more you get featured.

vi.    Connect to LinkedIn

Since Slideshare is owned by LinkedIn, you can easily integrate the features of the two websites. You can upload your slideshow to your LinkedIn profile so that more people can access it easily.

vii.    Fill out your complete profile

Complete your personal profile at Slideshare and don’t forget to add a professional display picture of yourself. This will increase your credibility, thus bringing more traffic.