If you are really concerned about generating more business from your online store, then you need to focus on providing ultimate customer support. Most of the people do not pay attention to it as they think it adds nothing to their business. However, the reality is completely opposite to what they think.

According to a survey conducted on behavior of online buyers, it is concluded that more than 80% of the consumers require customer support for making a purchase from an online shop. In case, you have not addressed their concerns promptly, 45% of the consumers are likely to forgo the online transaction.

Customer Support Tool Ecommerce

If you do not want to lose potential customers and want to make the most of your ecommerce website, then you must provide your customers with exceptional support. There are hundreds of support tools available online. However, following are some of the outstanding customer support tools that you must consider to integrate in your ecommerce website.

1. Zopim:

There is nothing better than live chat software when it comes to customer support. It is because your consumer can get his query resolved in real-time through conversation. Zopim is one of the feature-rich live chat software which can help you engage customers and increase sales. With this software, visitors to your ecommerce website can directly chat with you and get their queries resolved instantly.

This software is also compatible with mobile devices and available for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry operating systems. In case, you are not sure whether it will meet your needs or not, you can sign up to avail 14-days free trial version of this live chat software by simply providing your contact details.

2. Olark:

Especially designed for ecommerce websites, Olark is another live chat software which can be used to provide outstanding customer support to your visitors and turn them into customers by getting their queries resolved. People who are willing to buy something from your online store may have many queries from shopping to dropping their purchased products at their doorstep. All of these issues are needed to be addressed immediately in order to convert your visitors into customers.

It does not only provide you with a chatting interface, but it will also help you know which one is your best customer, customer visiting from your competitor’s store, customer having problem in checkout, and other useful information. Similar to Zopimg, it is also compatible and easy to access from smartphones.

3. BoldChat:

BoldChat is one of the most famous and feature-rich live chat software which is especially designed to serve the customer without wasting much of his time. How? The pro version of BoldChat provides you with an option of assigning customer to an operator having expertise to make sure that operators never need to pass the customer to another operator to spend half an hour explaining the issue from the start.

This software has different grades with different pricing and it depends on you which grade you want to unlock depending on your business scale and size. Pricing of this software ranges from $99 to $999 depending on what features you want to avail. Along with the paid versions, it also has a basic version which is available for free. However, it may not have all or specific set of features that you may be looking for in live chat software.