When it comes to setting up an ecommerce website, people think that all they need to do, to run an online shop successfully, is to create a dynamic website, upload a wide range of products and integrate payment system. However, running an online store is not as easy as we think.

Above mentioned are few of the most important things that one requires to build an ecommerce website. However, in order to get sales for increased Return-On-Investment (ROI), one needs to look after few other things as well.

Product Video Ecommerce

There are few things that have helped online shop owners to increase their sales significantly and one of them is using product videos. Using product videos is not only a great way to engage customers but also to get listed on higher positions in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) which increases conversion rates. It is because the Search Engines are likely to give higher positions to such webs and web pages having video content.

In case, you do not know how to make basic videos, do not worry. I have handpicked some of the easy-to-use, feature-rich product video-solutions that would help you create your product videos easily. Just scroll down and select the one that fits you best according to your needs.

1. Fluid Retail:

Fluid Retail

If you are looking for a video solution platform that can create a compelling video of your ecommerce website, then you must visit Fluid Retail. It is an amazing video solution provider that specifically deals in ecommerce videos. They have been creating compatible videos that can be integrated in any online shop be it a Facebook page or a customized ecommerce website.

The videos are not only meant to provide details to the consumer about the products, but also integrated with the option to buy directly from it which makes it convenient for the digital shoppers to buy directly from the video without landing on several other pages.

2. BrightCove:


BrightCove is yet another renowned video solution provider for online retailing websites. With this platform, retailers can now easily compose and deliver information-rich product videos that work well on every device be it computer, mobile or tablet. The retailers are also given with the option to integrate call-of-action in their videos, making it easier for the users to buy their desired product directly from the video.

Furthermore, the social sharing option makes it easier for the viewer to spread it in their social community, increasing the chances of getting maximum sales. The effectiveness of the videos and consumer’s reaction to the videos can also be monitored via the video analytics option given by BrightCove.

3. OneKreate:


Previously known as KSC Kreate, OneKreate is also an amazing video solution provider on the board. Using the latest HTML-5, they create outstanding videos of your product making it engaging yet compelling for the users.

The videos are compatible and can be easily viewed by the visitors browsing your website through any web browser. Plus, the Facebook sharing button makes it easier for the viewers to share the video on their timeline, increasing the video views and, thus, the chances of getting more and more sales.

4. LiveClicker:


LiveClicker is another fantastic video creation portal that provides you with the High Quality (HQ), detailed-reviewed product videos, having the potential to engage the customers and compel them to make purchase.

Besides just having social sharing option, it has many more things that you can offer to a potential consumer who is really looking to buy something. One of the most cool features that it provides is the option to add related videos and products to the LiveClicker video, making it easier for the user to checkout other products offered by retailer.

5. Treepodia:


One of the highly renowned video production platforms for ecommerce websites is Treepodia. It creates video of every product given in the catalogue by the retailer. One of the many things that give it edge over other product-video solution providers is that it makes different videos of a single product which they run through multi-variant testing to find the best and high-conversion rate video. The video that has gotten highest conversion rate will be given to the retailer to ensure that his desired goal will be achieved.

6. Invodo:


Another great platform that provides product video solution to maximize the sales of an online shop is Invodo. The videos created by Invodo are not only informative but engaging as well. The video provides users with all inns and outs of the product that they are willing to buy which makes it easier for them to buy product with confidence.

It may be a hard decision for the retailer to decide with which product to start with but with Invodo, retailers do not have to worry about it. They analyze the catalogue and with different analytics and statistical tools, they suggest the retailer from which product they should start with. Furthermore, they provide the online shop owner with the analytics to view how the video is helping them in getting more and more sales.

7. StupeFlix:


If you have images of the products and willing to transform them in an attractive video for high-conversion rate, then you must check out StupeFlix. It is an amazing tool that creates videos simply through the product images and edit in such a way which make it engaging. Besides editing, there are many more features that you can integrate in your product video to make it eye-catching and compelling for the consumer, pushing him to buy product from your store.

8. SmartShoot:


In case, you are willing to higher professional photographer to get High Definition (HD) pictures of your products, which you can use in making video, then you must visit SmartShoot. It is basically a network or an intermediary service that helps people connect with the professional photographers to create catalogue and demos of their products. When you will contact them, they will provide you with a pool of photographers from which you have to made selection on your own depending which one of them fits best according to your needs.