For an entrepreneur, time is the most important thing. Whether you are running any kind of online business, you need to save the time that is usually wasted in sending follow up and confirmation emails, managing products, posting newly added products on social media pages and other similar tasks.

Automation Ecommerce Tools

This time can be saved and utilized in providing better customer support to your consumers, devising bountiful marketing strategies and managing financial data of your online store with automation tools. There are several automation tools available on the board. However, following are the most efficient automation tools for an ecommerce website.

1. Buffer:

Presence on social media networks is essential for online business owners. So, if you are running an ecommerce website, then you would have created pages and profiles over different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. And, whenever you add any product to your online shop or update your blog, you will have to update those pages and profiles too.

Updating all your social media accounts manually is not only hectic but time consuming too. In order to become a time-savvy entrepreneur, you will have to use automation tool for updating your fan pages. There are several automation tools and plugins available online which claims to schedule and update your social media profiles automatically. However, the best among them is Buffer.

Buffer is the most widely used automation tool to update your social media pages throughout the entire day. You even do not need to schedule the time and date of posting or updating, it will automatically update your pages with fixed time slots. You only need to define which posts you want to publish on your page.

One major thing that distinguishes it from other tools is that it can easily be integrated with different extensions and apps. Therefore, you can add posts to it from anywhere on the web. Its browser extension enables you to schedule the article or news you are reading in real-time. Moreover, you can connect it with different RSS readers including Pocket, Feedly, and others.

2. Shoeboxed:

Whether you are running a traditional business or an online business, you need to gather all your financial documents at the end of year for tax preparation. Estimating the expenses, deductions and analyzing other financial data manually is undoubtedly a tedious task to get done. However, with Shoeboxed, all of these tasks can be done easily.

All you need to do is to gather all your receipts and other financial documents to it and it will take out all the significant information such as total amount, balance, payment mode, vendor, etc, from your documents. Once this data is extracted, all you need to do is to organize it and verify it with human eyes, to be at safe side.

3. Boomerang For Gmail:

Following up your customers or updating them about a specific product or service that you have launched is necessary and the best way to do it is to notify them via email. Boomerang is an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which can be used to schedule follow up emails via Gmail account.

This tool ensures that you will not miss any chance to reconnect with your customers. All you need to do is to type the message you want to send and schedule the date and time for sending it. You can also create reminders with this tool, in case you do not get reply from your clients.