E-mail marketing is an important part of Internet marketing and the most preferred method used by online marketers to remain in contact with their customers. In order to increase the number of prospective customers, it is important for the web marketers to constantly keep on adding new contacts to their e-mail subscribers list.

opt-in tips

Adding new contacts is not that easy; there has to be something enticing and appealing which grabs the attention of the prospective customers. The easiest way to build up and maintain the list of your contacts is to initiate opt-in subscriptions through various strategies, some of which are given below:

i.    Gather E-Mail Addresses At Various Occasions

The best way to build up and increase the list of your customers is to collect their e-mail addresses at various events and occasions like promotional campaigns, exhibitions and trade shows, and then add them into your list of subscribers. Remember to send a welcome e-mail to these people in order to make sure that they accept and confirm the e-mail subscription.

ii.    Offer Discounts And Giveaways

When purchasing a product or service, a customer always looks for what it has to offer. Same is the case with e-mail subscriptions. At the time of subscribing or signing-up for emails, people look for offers and discounts. Providing free offers and discounts is a surefire way to increase sign-up rates. You can include coupons within your emails so that your customers can use them to obtain discount on a particular product or service. You can also offer giveaways or freebies like a free e-book which will require customers to provide their email address to download it. Moreover, you can start online contests to give prizes in order to attract customers to sign up and provide their e-mail address.

iii.    Be Brief And To The Point

Keep your e-mails short, simple and to the point. Use as less text in your e-mails as possible since people do not have time to read lengthy and complex e-mails.

iv.    State The Benefits

When subscribing, people always look for what they would gain from signing-up at your website. Outline the potential benefits that signing-up at your website will offer. Never write the benefits in long paragraphs; rather state them clearly in bullet points so that they are easily readable by the prospective customers.

v.    Include Your Contact Information

Remember to include your contact information, such as a link to your website URL or your landing page address, in your e-mails. Providing your contact information will make it easy for the customers to visit your landing page or your website.

vi.    Keep It Simple

It is important that you keep the signing-up process as simple and easy as you can. Simply including the names and e-mail addresses of prospective customers is enough. Including additional details such as phone numbers and mailing addresses is not required.

vii.    Include The “Unsubscribe” Option

Including the option to unsubscribe from e-mails is another way to boost the sign-up rate. You should include this option in every single e-mail that you send to your contacts so that they can opt-out whenever they want to. Thus, including the unsubscribe button will bring more customers to your website or landing page.

viii.    Respond To Emails

Always quickly respond to emails and queries of your customers to ensure that you value their time and are concerned about their needs and requirements.