There is no second thought on the fact that Facebook has now become very important not only for socializing but also for establishing online presence of your business. It has the power to compel the audience to become a member of your fan page and convince them to purchase your products.


You may be thinking that how would you sell your products through Facebook? Thanks to the generous application developers who have developed such wonderful E-Commerce apps which have made it easier to sell your products via Facebook without requesting visitors to land on your website.

You can display all your products on your fan page with the help of E-Commerce Facebook apps and some of the apps also help you create customized tabs and payment processing on your fan page. Given below is the list of 7 splendid E-Commerce Facebook apps that you can use for selling your products via your fan page.

1. Ecwid:


Ecwid is a most suitable app for the ones who do not have their own online store. This app can fulfill all your hosting needs and support more than 25 payment methods for accepting customers’ orders. This app is available in two different versions one is free and the other one is paid. The free version of this app gives you maximum storage and bandwidth.

Whereas, the paid version gives you multiple astounding features including but not limited to multi-storefront tracking, coupons, live chat, tiered pricing, etc. Furthermore, the paid version is sub-divided into three different packages namely venture, business, and unlimited.

2. StoreFrontSocial:


StoreFrontSocial is a feature-rich app having a wide range of amazing features including social sharing, product categorization, bestsellers highlighting, “Buy Now” button customization, product import via XML product feeds or Google Base Feed, and many others.

Unlike the other E-Commerce Facebook apps, this amazing app has no free version. However, if you want to give it a try to check whether it has all the features (that are claimed) or not, you can use its 7-day free trial version and I am certain that this app will not fall short of your expectations.

3. BeeTailer


It is an astounding E-Commerce Facebook app that works along with your online store. With this app, you can customize your Facebook store’s look and feel to make it more attractive and appealing. You can also plan promotional campaigns to allure the new visitors to become a member of your fan page. This app also gives you analytics of your store which can help you make it better by making improvement in the needed areas. People can select the products, they want to purchase, on Facebook. However, the payment processing of the selected items cannot be done on it and visitors will be requested to leave the Facebook and redirected to your online store for order processing.

This app comes in two different versions i.e. paid and free. In free version, you can add only one online store and not more than 30 products. However, in the paid version, you can add multiple online stores and can get phone & e-mail support, depending on the package you have subscribed.

This app is compatible with Magento, Magento Go, Prestashop, Shopify and many others.

4. ShopTab:


Dissimilar to other E-Commerce Facebook apps, this app only comes in paid version. With this app, you can create a Facebook store in which you can display up to 5000 products. This app comes with multilingual option and can process the payment in more than 50 currencies. You can also customize the design of your store through CSS.

It has 3 different price plans including standard, expanded and ultimate. Each of them has some unique features depending on their price. To check the credibility and functionality of the app, developer has given 7-days free trial. So, you can choose your desired package and take trial of it.

5. Facebook Store


Facebook Store is one of the top E-Commerce Facebook apps through which you can sell your products via your fan page. Also, this app allows consumers to share their favorite products with their friends. This sharing option helps your business reach more and more customers and get more traffic to your store.

You can easily set-up this app and directly via your Shopify admin. The changes you will make to any of your product will be done in real-time. You can customize your store by adding banner, editing no of rows and columns of your product, and many more. You can also display or highlight the products you want to target. Like-gating filter restricts your store to be viewed only by the users who have “Liked” your Facebook page.

6. iFrame App:


iFrame App allows you to add customized tab on your Facebook fan page in which you can add an external URL, like URL of your online store to redirect the fans to your online store to buy your products. Also, you can insert text to put your message in a prominent place. However, the message should convince the visitors to like your fan page; else adding text to your customized app would be of no use. Unlike other apps, you have to buy your own hosting for storing any text or HTML going onto this application.