Internet traffic is the lifeblood of every online business. In order to grow and be productive, every online business must know how to generate and drive good traffic. Whether you have a personal blog, a portfolio or a business website, you want people to know or read what you have to offer. And in order to do this, you need to drive lots of traffic to your website. Although generating traffic isn’t difficult, most marketers and businesses find it a big challenge as they don’t know how to properly do it.


There are a number of ways and methods you can apply to drive good internet traffic to your website. Some of them are given below which you may find helpful:

1.    Search engine optimization

Optimizing websites is one of the most important ways of driving traffic to your website. It involves getting your website at the top of the search engines. Search engines will not automatically place your website on the first page of the search results. You have to work hard to achieve this goal. You will have to produce keyword-rich content that will make it easy for the people to find the relevant information. You have to build high quality link profile to demonstrate your credibility to the search engine. Only then you’ll be able to get your web on the top of SERP. Once you achieve this goal, you’ll see an incredible burst in your traffic.

2.    Give away free gifts

Offering freebies is a great way to attract people to your site. You can give away a free eBook to your visitors with your advertisement on it. You can also let your visitors download free software such as freeware and shareware. In addition to that, you can offer free online services such as proofreading, copywriting etc. You can give away a free audio or video to your visitors containing information to motivate people to visit your website.

3.      Exchange links

Another important method to drive traffic is to exchange links with other websites. Trading links with other related websites can bring more traffic to your site. In order to submit your link to these websites, you need to get theirs in return. But you should be careful while exchanging links. You must not link with websites of low-quality as it can put the reliability of your own website at risk. Only link with those websites that are of high-quality and are relevant to your niche.

4.    Connect to social media channels

Connecting to social networks is another way of bringing traffic to your website. If you want to expand your business, it is best to join a social media channel. By creating a profile on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can easily promote and market your website or blog by posting and sharing relevant information. If your friends like the content you share about your website, they will promote it further by sharing it with their contacts, thus bringing more visitors to your site.