Apple Watch is one of the highly adapted smart-watches that make sure that its users do not miss any important notification, call or text. However, there comes time when we do not want any distraction be it an important call from boss or text from a loved one. But with an Apple Watch on our wrist, it becomes merely impossible to get disconnected from such things if you do not know how to handle this gadget.

Enable Do Not Disturb Apple Watch

Such Apple Watch users who want to have some distraction-free moments should thank the developers of this gadget as they have provided the same ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) feature in it as of iPhone. Therefore, now one does not need to take off his Apple Watch to keep the distractions away and can simply do it by activating the DND mode.

Following are some of the easiest ways of activating DND mode of your Apple Watch and the choice is completely yours which one you choose for doing it.

Method # 1: Enabling Do Not Disturb Via Apple Watch App For iPhone

The first method that we are going to discuss here allows you to simply activate DND mode on your Apple Watch via Apple Watch app for iPhone. Given below are some steps that you will need to carry out to enable DND feature.

Step # 1:

The first and foremost thing that you will need to do is to launch the Apple Watch app for iPhone.

Step # 2:

Once the app is opened, now you will need to find the Do Not Disturb feature and tap on it.

Step # 3:

Upon tapping the DND option, it will take you to the next screen in which there will be an option of Mirror iPhone. By default, it will be in ‘Off’ state. In order to bring the watch in DND mode, you will need to toggle it to ‘On’.

Pic 1

Method # 2: Enabling Do Not Disturb Directly Via Apple Watch

In case you want to enable the DND mode on your Apple Watch manually, then you can simple get it done by carrying out the given simple steps.

Step # 1:

The first thing that you will need to do is to keep the Digital Crown of your Apple Watch pressed until you get to your watch face.

Pic 2

Step # 2:

Once you got to your watch face, now you will need to bring up glances.

Step # 3:

Keep swiping the glances until you get to the Settings glance.

Step # 4:

From the setting glance, tap the Do Not Disturb option to enable it on your watch.

Pic 3

Why Do Not Disturb Instead Of Airplane Mode?

Most of the Apple Watch users are often found asking the question “Why Do Not Disturb Instead Of Airplane Mode?” The two features may seem similar but there is a very big difference in them. The Airplane mode disconnects all connection making the user out of reach. Therefore, the user will not be able to view the missed notifications and alerts by bringing the watch in airplane mode. However, with Do Not Disturb, user will be in reach but the notifications will not be displayed or notified to the user in real-time, giving him the space he needs. Therefore, the user can easily view all the missed notifications and alerts anytime, later.

Why Do Not Disturb Instead Of Silent Mode?

Another often asked question by Apple Watch users is “Why Do Not Disturb Instead Of Silent Mode?” The Silent mode option is more similar to DND mode as compared to the Airplane mode as it does not cut off user’s connection making it easier for him to access and view missed notifications later. However, the silent mode is only good for keeping the audio distractions away but the vibration and visual alerts will remain there the same. Therefore, Silent mode is really not an option for ones who really want some distraction-free moments.