Adobe Dreamweaver, previously known as Macromedia Dreamweaver, is one of the powerful tools that are used by web developers and designers. Along with the visual WYSIWYG editor, it also provides you with the basic yet standard web editing and development tools including syntax highlighting, syntax checking, code completion and code collapsing.

Though it is undoubtedly the most famous tool among web designers and developers, it is not the only tool used by professional developers. There are dozens of other web development tools out there used by thousands of experts around the world. Let’s check out some popular tools that are said to be the finest alternatives to Dreamweaver.


1.    Aptana:


APTANA is one of the superb alternatives to Dreamweaver. Built on Java, it is an open source and free web editing software. Along with Windows, it also supports other operating systems including Linux, Mac and BSD. You can also use it to develop toollications for iPhone. However, one thing that you will miss about Dreamweaver, while using it, is WYSIWYG editor. Also, you cannot use it for PHP development and Linux. Also, Mac users cannot preview their design on Internet Explorer.

2.    OpenBEXI:


OpenBEXI is one the magnificent tools that one can use to replace Dreamweaver. It has a similar WYSIWYG editor to Dreamweaver that allows you to edit your text and images and watch how they will exactly toolear on browser once being published by OpenBEXI publisher. Some of its newest widget allows you to integrate picture browser, dynamic charts, calendar, etc. Moreover, its DOJO toolkit will assist you in developing intelligent web-based tools.

3.    Amaya:


Amaya is another open source free tool which you can use as an effective alternative to Dreamweaver. Having a similar WYSIWYG editor, it allows you to design web templets easily. Along with Windows, it also supports Mac and Linux operating systems. However, it does not support Frames, JavaScript, XForms, RSS or Atom. Also, it needs a high resolution monitor to view all its features.

4.    KompoZer:


Another free, open source toollication that you can use for web development is KompoZer. It is compatible for Windows, Mac and Linux. Along with other similar features to Dreamweaver, it also has WYSIWYG editor which will assist you in previewing the layout you have designed on it. However, it does not support frames, XForms, RSS, Atom, XSLT and MathML.

5.    Microsoft Visual Web Developer:


Microsoft Visual Web Developer is a rich editor that authorizes you to work on HTML and CSS in a similar environment to Dreamweaver. It has a lot of options which include the framework support for ASP.NET, AJAX, jQuery and Silverlight. Also, it has the syntax highlighting and code completion options that help you increase your productivity.

6.    Bluefish:


Last on our list of phenomenal tools that you can use for web editing and development instead of Dreamweaver is Bluefish. Along with web designing, you can also write program codes and scripts on it. In addition to HTML, XHTML and CSS, it also supports Ruby, ColdFusion, Google Go and Vala.